5 Mistakes to Avoid When Submitting Your Resume

The job market is hard enough to get into, especially in today’s competitive climate. Don’t make it harder on yourself by engaging in rookie mistakes during the application process. Here are 5 mistakes that are sure to put your resume in the “pass” pile. Spelling and Grammar Errors This one seems obvious but you’d be surprised how many resumes come across our desk filled with errors. We all use spell check but there are some errors that don’t get picked up. We understand that

Employers Look at Social Media Profiles Whether You Like It Or Not

Your resume is no longer just the pages that you submit. More and more, we find clients dismissing candidate submissions because of candidate’s Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. Facebook images of you getting wasted every weekend doesn’t make a very appealing image of your professionalism and dependability. Yes, your personal life is your personal life, but if you choose to make it public, then potential clients and employers will have access to reviewing you as an individual an

B1 - 2020 is the Year to Crush it!

I just finished the book CRUSH IT, by Gary Vaynerchuk. I feel Gary presents his information with grit, experience  and keeps us interested to continue reading. I was highly recommended this book by a life coach. I turned to reading this book when I reached a new personal goal in my career. I hit a moment where I thought to myself..what is next for my business? I will not accept my business to level out.  I'm a REALTOR® with the brokerage Royal LePage Hodgins Realty in Melfort

B2 - Buzz Recap, Branding & More!

As we look forward to MOMENTUM 2020, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on The Buzz Conference back in January! The "BAR" style conference was a first for me, and I have to say ... I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! Ok, well maybe not every minute as I missed my good friend Melissa Charlton's presentation (we were scheduled to speak at the same time in different rooms), but I did get her notes afterwards!!! My presentation was all on BRANDING and the evolution of James In The

B4 - Welcome to The Buzz 2020

Hi! I am so happy you are here. After celebrating 25 Years as a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Canada this 2020, wait, can I even use that term yet? I have experienced many innovative solutions, digital transformations & advancements that have changed the way we do business. Remember when Realtor.ca came to play in our sandbox? At the time, Realtors complained that this new on-line platform would dismantle our industry. The Consumer loved it and the Realtor did not, but we ar

B6 - Buzz Recap, Instagram Secrets!

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