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The Buzz Conference: Setting a New Precedent as Leaders in the Real Estate Industry

Updated: May 1, 2021

Written by Canada's Real Estate Coach, Kathleen Black, CEO & Founder KBCC

Recently, I was recognized as 45th of the Top 100 Industry Trail Blazers (The BUZZ).

I wanted to thank Virginia Munden and her team at The Buzz Conference for this amazing acknowledgement, and for all the incredible work they do in and for our industry.

I also wanted to send my congratulations to all of the Trail Blazers, this title is a privilege that we must use to continue the bettering of the real estate community and industry.

In order to thank Virginia properly, I wanted to give her a platform to share her message with our KBCC community. I decided to interview her about The Buzz Conference, the top 100 list and about the impact she’s making on the real estate industry.

Virginia Munden, Founder and CEO of BUZZ BUZZ MEDIA.

Virginia Munden is the Founder and CEO of BUZZ BUZZ MEDIA, a Media Agency that specializes in Events, Digital Coverage, Marketing & Promotions for the Canadian real estate & proptech industry.

What made you want to create The Buzz Conference?

Oh that is simple — there is nothing more exciting than people coming together to learn from, network with, inspire and motivate each other, whether LIVE or VIRTUALLY as we have done this past year.

I have been attending, speaking and hosting real estate & business conferences globally over the past 12 years.

From Canada, the U.S.A, Italy, Malta, Germany, Turkey, Vienna, Portugal, Spain, London, UK, France, Belgium and more, nothing gives me greater pleasure than bringing people together.

I felt it was time I put my passion for people & expertise for media & events in place to offer a unique space for business leaders to come together to enhance & elevate business practices, brands & businesses.

The fact that we play no favourites and give everyone an opportunity to be visible and to share their voice is our secret ingredient to being a favourite Conference space, Canada-Wide.

We are getting traction from our U.S and global partners, and that is something we never planned on, it all came organically.

What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you since creating The Buzz Conference?

The fact that we have become Canada’s leading real estate conference, recognized in the USA, throughout Europe, Asia and Australia has been truly fascinating!

Gaining the trust, respect and loyal support from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), REALTOR.CA, the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA), the world’s largest real estate board — the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB), Royal LePage Canada, RE/MAX Integra, RE/MAX Europe, REALOGY Expansion Brands — Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Sotheby’s, EXIT Realty, eXp Realty, real estate boards all across Canada, Canadian Proptechs, major Canadian Builder and Developers and so many others.

It is also important to recognize our exciting new innovative Boutique Brokerages that are building momentum in Canada as Revel Realty, Nest Realty, In2ition Realty, Starion Realty, P2 Realty, PSR Realty, R.A.R.E. Realty and so many others leading the way.

It’s been truly visionary in allowing us to expand our coverage, content & contributions to the industry the way we see fit, and with the people we believe in.

What principles have guided or inspired your business and life?

Principles have changed over the years.

In 2020/2021, Trust Guides Us, People Inspire Us and Learning Motivates Us.

Thank you so much for diving into your background with us. The main part of our interview is about the Top 100 Trail Blazers 2021 list you created. Can you tell me why you decided to create this list?

Canada has never had a top 100 Trail Blazers in real estate list, and it is important to acknowledge and recognize good people & their passion for our industry.

We have selected people, real people, based on their performances, corporate responsibilities, collective collaborations and their sincere love & respect for this business, especially over the past 365 days.

Why is this list important to the Canadian Real Estate industry, especially now?

We have set an exciting new precedent as leaders in our industry.

Knowing it is possible to lead a conference space for the Canadian real estate industry is critical right now.

There is an appetite for knowledge through conferences in Canada. Our role is to bridge the gap between associations, corporations, real estate boards, brokerages, realtors, proptech and strategic partners.

The Buzz has found a way to bring everyone together, and although digital for now, we know when the time is right, the live conference will be, well, watch for it!

The top 100 list features the leaders that people watch and find inspiration from and this year more than ever many will find value from this list.

It is our pleasure to feature these leaders at our Buzz Conferences and to showcase their businesses wherever and whenever we can.

How do you think this list has impacted the Canadian Real Estate industry?

This list is a powerful indication of who our leaders are & what they represent in our Canadian real estate industry.

Our industry is constantly evolving. Our guest speakers are the game changers, social influencers, disruptors, innovators, Trail Blazers changing the trajectory, for a more inclusive, diverse and world-class industry.

We have had over 12,300 Attendees Virtually this past year with over 4,000,000 impressions on Instagram. Our data shows that people are watching, learning, implementing to build exponential businesses.

We have been the first to feature the most diverse, inclusive list of speakers ever at a real estate conference — and our top 100 list is diverse.

We have also been the first to bring difficult conversations to the forefront of our event space — whether diversity, inclusivity, black lives matter, mental health and wellness, women in leadership, etc. We watch and follow and we know people are listening and watching us. This is important to us.

Was there a ‘tipping point’ that led you to creating the Trail Blazer list? Can you tell me a story about that?

Canadian leaders MUST be acknowledged for their hard-work and winning contributions to our industry. I have always believed this and that will never change.

As Buzz is constantly acknowledged by our global leaders as being the new Canadian, maybe even North American favorite, this continues to fire us up to bring our next level best to the Canadian real estate & proptech industry.

We are always looking to find the new voices impacting our industry. If that is you, we want to speak with you and bring you to the virtual or live stage!

Our industry deserves it. Canada deserves it. Connect with us anytime.

Virginia Munden

Follow along with The Buzz Conference for their next level events:

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