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$400 Raised through THE BUZZ GINGERBREAD HOUSE Multiple Offer Bidding War

By The Buzz Conference

The Gingerbread House Multiple Offer Bidding War was a first for our Philanthropy Initiative this Christmas Holiday!

Thank you to the amazing @kathleenblackcoaching @kathleenblack_ , Kathleen Black, Founder and CEO of KBCC, Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting who outbid everyone with her bid of $400.00 in this Multiple Offer Bidding War. It was tense!

Kathleen Black won this lovely little Gingerbread House for her Gingerbread Family, from @thesweetestthingcake in Downtown Oakville, located on Kerr Street in Kerr Village.

All proceeds will go to The Kerr Street Mission here in Oakville to make Christmas a little merrier for people struggling during the holiday.

Thank you to Our Top Bidders who began bidding at 10:00am:

@wayneandvirginiamunden started silent bidding at $50.00 Thanks Wayne !

@fredhelps Gingerbread Family had to opt out and look for a Gingerbread House in Sudbury where they are more affordable gingerbread houses.

@wilsonsellsbradford had a $300.00 bid @remaxspec

@sammcdadi had a $250.00 bid

The Buzz Conference will be collaborating with Kathleen Black & Ultimate Team Summit and @thedenisehouse for a future Multiple Offer of a Gingerbread House, so stay tuned for that!

Thank you to everyone who participated and stopped in to BID!

We appreciate you all.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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