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5 Ways To Delegate Effectively and Be Completely Satisfied With the Results

By Kathleen Black

For most people, delegating is such a challenge due to losing control. It’s very difficult for anyone, especially business owners or entrepreneurs to give up the control to do their own tasks. This is why integrating systems and processes into your business is so crucial.

Delegating also takes a lot of time to mentor, Your role as a leader is to build the components that lead to results, ensure your systems empower others to deliver the standards of your business, and hold team members accountable to keep the system on track.

Manage the system and motivate the people.

Have systems and protocols that work so you’re not micromanaging, but powering up your people. Allow them to take responsibility and lean into what their gifts are. You need to support them with personal and business goals, so they can learn more about themselves in order to benefit your team.

Learn the 5 ways to delegate effectively and be completely satisfied with the results in this article.

Changing your Mindset

Your energy and your response dictates how the people around you respond.

As a team leader, you need to be in an optimal mindset. If you’re not in an optimal mindset, you’re not responsive, you’re reactive.

This means that your decisions will be based on fear, stress and negativity rather than the ease and calmness you’ll find when your decisions are based on being responsive, which means when delegating your team’s decisions will be based on the same reaction.

How are you responding and showing leadership to your team?

Building Confidence

No matter how smart and skilled your agents are, if they lack confidence in the team or their work, they’ll always perform below their potential.

Building confidence requires real conversation, not recognition. It starts by understanding what’s really going on. It requires working a few levels below the obvious insecurity to understand what scares them.

Confidence stems from certainty in our approach and a trust in our abilities.

Start building confidence in your team members by mentoring them, delegate specific tasks to them that you know they need to work on, focus on their strengths, be supportive and let them know it’s okay to make mistakes.

The good news is that building confidence and competence go hand in hand. Confident team members are more likely to try new behaviors and approaches, which inspires creativity and equals more success.


Checking-in is a saving grace, for you and your team. Checking-in with your team can look like team meetings, one-on-one meetings, or quick messages! Make sure to document their feedback/thoughts so you can revisit their states on a regular basis!

This is an effective way to track delegation, without micromanaging, and still giving confidence to your team. Focus equates to action. Cutting through the noise is part of the value in a team environment. We don't need to get overwhelmed. We need to get clear on priorities and hyperfocus to win together.

Celebrating Wins

Your agents want to feel valued and appreciated. Acknowledging hard work and success is vital to boost confidence and determination with your team.

It’s crucial for you to always be on the lookout for wins, and to celebrate them, big or small. Making this a regularly practiced event, ensures your agents feel valued, and it encourages them to continue doing their best work, or improving themselves.

Include wins that are vital to the team within your weekly team meetings and monthly reviews.

Nurturing your Team

If you are still working remotely, and can’t see your team members in person, you need to increase your use of modern technology that facilitates remote interactions, such as virtual presentations and video conference calls.

You need to nurture your relationships and ensure you can get as personal as possible without seeing each other face-to-face.

Have weekly team meetings, use check-ins as a way to nurture certain aspects of your team member’s jobs, ensure your team knows they can come to you for guidance, even when delegating.


Kathleen Black, Founder KBCC

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