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AGENTc Tips for Real Estate Newbies

Updated: May 1, 2021

Real estate is a fast-paced and rewarding career, but starting out can be overwhelming, so I have put together some tips that I wish I had known when I began my career in this industry.

Be Authentic

One of the biggest lessons I learned from my career in real estate is to always be authentic. Real estate is a people business and building trusting relationships with your clients is very important. Your clients want to know that they can trust you and that you genuinely care about their needs and wants. Sadly, there are a lot of agents out there who don’t do this. Knowing that you always have their best interests in mind is a sure-fire way to build lasting relationships.

Know your Stuff!

There is a lot to learn when first starting out in real estate and, like I said before, it can be overwhelming. I remember when I first started, I felt completely lost. Much of what you learn in your textbooks does not apply in the field, and I didn’t know where to begin. Here’s what I discovered:

  • Seek an experienced agent at your brokerage who is willing to help and take full advantage of their expertise.

  • Ask as many questions as possible, and even see if you can shadow someone for a day. Nothing beats real world experience!

  • Take the time to peruse as many listings as possible to get a feel for properties in different neighbourhoods or buildings and go see as many as as you can.

  • Stay up to date on market values and trends.

Clients are looking for someone who knows their industry and can confidently deliver information. If there is something you are unsure of, don’t be afraid to say that you will get back to them with the correct information.

Prioritize Time and Organization

This is of utmost importance. There are so many moving pieces in a real estate transaction that it is easy to lose track of tasks. Create listing and buying checklists, which are very helpful to ensure that you don’t miss anything. I liked to send my clients a workback schedule, outlining our process from start to finish with dates and times, so that we were always on the same page. Deadlines are everything in this industry and staying organized will ensure you don’t miss any. I also recommend choosing a good Customer Relationship Management program (CRM) to effectively manage your clients. There are really great ones out there (Salesforce, Ixact Contact, Top Producer) that will help keep you organized in all areas of your client interactions, from scheduling showings to keeping track of closing gifts and birthdays.

It Is Hard Work

I have noticed that a lot of new agents are going into the field thinking that this career is easier than it is. Newbies get the idea into their heads that clients will come to them with no effort. Then all they have to do is , show them a few properties, and then the client will make a no fuss or muss purchase. Simple as that! In reality, this is not the case. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and passion to succeed.

Don’t Forget About Balance

As mentioned above, this industry is busy and fast paced. Most days start with client care: answering emails or searching for buyer properties. Your day will include various tasks from listing preparations, client meetings, home previews, special projects, and evenings full of showings. There are so many things going on at once, and the industry is highly time sensitive, so it is very easy to get lost in your work. As a new agent, it’s natural to be eager and try to do it all. It is important to remember to take time for yourself and set boundaries. This can look like not skipping lunch for the third day in a row, or perhaps getting in a workout before you start your day. It can be as simple as sticking to plans with loved ones. Unless it is a time-sensitive matter, you don’t need to jump at every request from your client, and that is important to remember.

Your Team Is Everything!

You want to surround yourself with people who lift you up. By surrounding yourself with people who have the same values and mindset, you will be able to create the type of business you are passionate about. This is the law of attraction. Simply put, the law of attraction is the universal principle that you will attract what you believe you are worth. Surround yourself with people you strive to be like and, in turn, you will develop a similar skillset. This includes choosing the right brokerage. Interview with as many as possible and ask a lot of questions. There are many resources online that can help give guidance on what types of questions to ask.

Have Fun!

Most importantly, have fun with it! This is your career and if you want it to last, you need to be happy in it! Be yourself with your clients, have fun on showings, host client events (when COVID permits), and be social in your office. Overall, this is a very rewarding career and these tips are just a few of the things I’ve learned along the way.


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