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B -12 - The Joshua Chisvn Effect

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

What Chisvin Group Is Doing To Help & What You Can Do ________

Regarding the current COVID-19 situation, Chisvin Group is taking immediate action to help individuals and families that are unable to stock their fridges, pantries and/or need other supplies. Our goal is to help those that are unable to stock up due to financial issues, illness, or are unable to wait in the long lines at grocery stores. The elderly, single parents and frontline healthcare workers who do not have the time to spend at grocery stores will be our priority, though we will try and help anyone else in need. We are working on this initiative with Noah Maislin and his amazing team at the Minute Solutions. If you or someone you know are in need of food or supplies to be delivered (no shame in asking for help, your information will remain private) don't hesitate to reach out. We will also be working with Instacart to help facilitate orders and deliveries. Alternatively, if you would like to donate to this initiative, we are accepting email money transfers. Please note that this is not a charity and there will be no tax receipts. We are doing this to help those in need and are looking for the path of least resistance to get to them. We hope that everyone stays safe. Please take care of yourself, your families, and your neighbors. We know that this will pass and that things will eventually be back to normal, but in order to get there, we must all come together as a community and do what we can to help.  If you know anyone in need, reach out to Joshua personally at the email below or to Noah at Minute Solutions.

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