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B -11 - COVID-19 & Responsible Realtors

As everyone has been following COVID-19 in the news and keeping up with the latest updates, Chisvin Group has been inundated with calls, texts, and emails about how this will impact the market. We figured for this month's newsletter we will not only address some of these concerns but let everyone know the measures that Chisvin Group is putting in place to protect our team, our clients and the communities we work in.  How will COVID-19 affect the Toronto Market? The honest answer to this question is that we really don't know. As Ontario began to announce the first presumptive cases of the infection it's been business as usual but now we are starting to see change. Sellers are beginning to put their listings on hold, buyers are hesitating to visit showings and open houses, and realtors are hesitant to meet new clients. All of these shifts in behaviour will no doubt have an impact on our real estate market, but the question is - how will it affect pricing? You can make the simple argument that less supply will continue to allow prices to grow and that market behaviour may not drastically shift. However, with so much uncertainty in the air, the current state of the stock market and entrepreneurs' lives being put on hold, we at Chisvin Group predict a slight lull and dip in the market until everyone is healthy and safe on the other side of this horrific situation. The truth is that nobody knows for sure but you can count on Chisvin Group to keep on top of the market throughout this situation and happily keep everyone updated via phone, text, email, and newsletters. You can find our contact information below.

COVID-19 Services From Chisvin Group

As mentioned, we have already begun to put measures into place to protect everyone involved in a real estate transaction.

1) We Are Offering Video Call Showings

We will tour properties for you without the presence of the buyer or seller at our client's request.

2) Video Document Signing To avoid as many faces to face meetings as possible, we will now offer video call document signing for anyone interested.

3) Video Call Portfolio Building + Planning  Planning to move, buy, sell, or invest soon and don't want to let COVID-19 delay your plans? We are happy to set up a video call to strategize with you.

4) Transactions On Hold  As always you will feel no pressure from our team. Want to put your purchase or sale on hold for a couple of weeks? Not a problem, we will advise you on the best methods to do this and help you along the way.

5) Special Custom Clauses  Our legal team has drafted some amazing custom clauses for our documents to protect our clients from not being able to close or fulfill obligations due to current world events. In the event of a quarantine, government intervention, epidemic, etc. all of our clients are properly covered.

On top of this, our team has put into place extensive hygiene measures to protect the team and clients. We are stocked with hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes for our clients that choose to continue to visit properties and have warmed up our elbows for some serious handshake replacement greetings. The important message here is not to panic, but to be prepared. It doesn't hurt to be over-prepared but it can harm many if we are unprepared. We don't inform everyone of the above to scare but to inform. Our team is here to support in any way we can. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stick together as a community.  With all of that out of the way, our team has been super busy for the first quarter of 2020. With a ton of new clients on the move to new homes, securing amazing investments in emerging markets, and making their Muskoka summer plans. Now is the time to inform yourself about the market and find out where you fit in.  Whether it's to receive more information or to make a move - let's plan the rest of your 2020.  Thank you for your understanding! Chisvin Group

JOSHUA CHISVIN Sales Representative (416) 588-3286


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