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Some Days You Have To Bring The Fire

Updated: May 1, 2021

Being a powerhouse leader may be a role you need to step into at times.

It means you need to process and get over second guessing yourself, to provide crystal clear intentions and direction.

It means taking risks.

At times massive educated risks. It means investing your own money, and later profit, back into the business strategically.

All of these things are typical in what we hear about the business growth journey, but I can tell you it feels pretty personal when it’s your time, energy, money, hopes, heart, and future on the line.

Resources that could have flowed into your personal life, family, or rainy day fund.

This is why you have to bring the fire. You need strategy and passion, art and science, inspiration and information. You need to be all in and know why.

A little piece of advice: Don’t expect unanimous approval. Expect to act in service and lead your team from where you are going, not from where you are now.

In my experience, in times of difficulty, the bigger the decision, the more warranted, the greater the criticism. Life is weird like that. At times it is a sign of waiting too long to act. I have certainly been guilty of that a time or two.

This is a marathon. This impact and being of service is a business of life. Things are not usually as they appear in the rear view mirror if you are doing things right. No one knows what is coming down the line but you, and your team, followed by your community. You know, because what you are choosing today is creating your path.

If you built the destination and the path to unite your team, my sincere congratulations. With the right resources, mindset, and strategy, you are on your way! If you need help building the destination and the path to unite your team, visit for more information on how we can coach and consult you and your team to greatness.

“The rising tide lifts all the boats,” John F Kennedy said, and if those boats don’t lift, leave them tied to the dock and move on.

SOURCE: Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting Inc. 905-725-6224 / Toll Free 1-844-866-5222

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