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Canada's #1 Trailblazer in Canadian Real Estate - THE BUZZ

Updated: May 2, 2021

#1 of our Top 20 of the Top 100 Trailblazers in Canadian Real Estate, is Tim Hudak.

What we learned - What didn't we learn? Let's face it, we have just gone through one of the most unique times ( 300+ days ), not only in the history of our profession, but within our communities, our Canada and our World. We were tested and put into so many difficult positions, that at times created fear, chaos and uncertainty. This affected us all in many ways. In March 2020, we assumed this was to be short-lived, and here we are today navigating our 2nd lockdown together as we were taught to in the best manner possible - together.

We were challenged financially, mentally, spiritually, physically, and many of us were instructed to always put the well-being and safety of our Clients first. How exactly were we going to do this? We learned quickly that coming out from our offices and screens was going to help lead the way. We learned that timing was supreme, communication was pivotal, following rules and regulations set out by Federal and Provincial Governments were paramount and facilitating fact - based information to help everyone remain calm and hopeful that we would navigate this Pandemic together. How did we get here?

One Leader, Tim Hudak lead us with compassion and this was the magic ingredient that was going to help us raise the integrity of our Real Estate Industry with confidence and pride. As a Realtor Community, we came together and focused on Corporate Responsibility, NOT Sales, we showcased Hope NOT Ego, and we communicated with Strength NOT Weakness. Our Communities now sees and believes that we, REALTORS® of Canada are an ESSENTIAL part of life, community, home. We are grateful for this supreme Leadership. Tim Hudak, the CEO of the Ontario Real Estate Association, Canada’s largest provincial real estate industry association represents 80,000 REALTORS®.

Tim joined OREA after a distinguished 21 years of public service in the Ontario Legislature – including five years as Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. Since becoming CEO in December 2016, he and his OREA team have focused on transforming OREA into Ontario’s most effective professional association that delivers high-impact advocacy on behalf of REALTORS® and consumers, and provides quality services to members.

During his first year as OREA CEO, he was named one of the most powerful people in residential real estate by Swanepoel Power 200, 2017/18/19/20. The Ontario Real Estate Association is here to help Ontario REALTORS® succeed in building stronger communities. With 80,000 REALTOR® members who take up this mission for you every day. Ontario REALTORS® use their skills, experience, knowledge, drive and determination, along with the latest technology, to help more men, women and families achieve the Canadian dream of home ownership.

As one of Canada’s largest professional associations, we are Ontario’s strongest advocate for home and property ownership, property rights, and prosperous communities.

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