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Collaboration BEATS Competition

By Kathleen Black

We support the shift from ego, scarcity, and dominance into a collective, collaborative voice aligned in common good.

We know that collaboration is an important element to any business, because I’ve gone from being a brand-new Realtor in the Top 1% to scaling a multi-seven figure business and taking 8 consecutive weeks OFF in 2020.

I know that in order to succeed, you need to be a fierce CEO of your own life. We want to arm you with the power of how to build a successful business and lifestyle.

The future of Real Estate are visionaries, entrepreneurs and business owners.

You don’t need to build your business alone. You don’t have to work harder, to work smarter.

In order to work smarter, you need to have the ability to collaborate and collectively rise together, as an entire team.

Leadership Models

We find it integral to model success, by providing clients access to the top business expansion experts, we connect them with our team model of honouring diverse personalities, perspectives, and leveraging the GENIUS expertise in others. This allows us to support client growth faster, with a lower rate of error, and less wasted resources for everyone involved.

If we’re lacking a diverse team, we are only telling one side of the story, whereas we need to be able to have different perspectives, experiences and backgrounds to form a cohesive team.

I firmly believe that the time has come for collaborative leadership models. As leaders we are still learning to hear and interpret different voices and perspectives as valuable.

The more we move from “us” centric to “we” centric, the quicker we can all evolve and grow together.

We need the GENIUS and gifts of all people, aligned, conscious, and focused on values that unite us to reach our full potential in carving out the future, and our choices today are doing just that, defining our collective future.


After coaching hundreds of Real Estate teams full-time for nearly a decade, I have seen the power that a team can achieve within their environment by utilizing properly structured collaboration and synergy.

Through my experience coaching teams, I have learned that the power of team synergy can increase conversion, driving your team into the top 1%!

Teams thrive in the unique synergy that a hyper-focused, unified approach with a shared desired outcome or bullseye can deliver. On the other hand, inclusivity is important to grow and allow other people to penetrate the nucleus that is the in-crowd on your team. Everyone should be included in the in-crowd.

If new members cannot merge with existing members, you will cap your growth, whereas a recruit that just does not believe what you do and, even with training, does not seem to fit in will be worked out of the team with hundreds of small reminders a day of how they do not belong. You want a culture exclusive enough to give you an edge and inclusive enough to attract great people, grow, and thrive together.

How to Thrive

My coaching company, Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting has a collaborative leadership team who are very entrepreneurial, and who take ownership over what needs to happen. It’s very collaborative without a director style delegation, everyone owns their portion of the business. That is how we thrive.

We nurture environments of elevated consciousness into collective genius.

The teams of the future represent the coming together of higher mentalities, and gifts to achieve more together.

We move with confidence into automation using marketing, technology, and segmented selling, as a means to free our resources to elevate each other in the only path available to us for business, community, and personal success: aligned conscious collectives.

We thrive in our ability to carve the path of the future in a dismissal of what is redundant, inundated with politics, prescribed by popularity for all that is possible in a successful evolution of human capacity and connection.

We thrive in monitoring results mirrored in our physical world, as a sign of ascribed credit to our resonance with the communities we serve. We represent the ultimate conscious collective of powered up people, teamed to thrive!

The top businesses in North America were not built from scratch. They are built from collaboration with proven experts.

We know exactly the path to help you step into the leaders shoes, by stepping into a business mindset.

Source: Kathleen Black

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