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Diversify Your Marketing Campaigns

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

By Revel Realty

When seeking to obtain more referrals for business, many realtors make the primary mistake of addressing their marketing needs with a one dimensional response. Placing an ad in a newspaper, for example, will consistently put your name out there and is good for brand and name recognition. However, how many buyers, or sellers for that matter, call a complete stranger from a newspaper ad? The intention is good and safe, but it is also one dimensional and limited.

At Revel Realty Inc., we have encouraged our realtors to layer their marketing material. A website is a good landing point, for example, but you have to drive potential selling and buying clients to that safe zone. In order to do that, diversification of marketing platforms, and timing their releases, are just as important as the monetary investment necessary to get things rolling.

In the previous example, a weekly newspaper ad establishes credibility and a consistent presence in the locality. Diversifying it with a weekly, social media video address layers that ad by bringing it to life in real time. Spreading that ad to a billboard campaign or radio spots further disseminates your message, while participation or sponsoring of local events makes your presence active in the community, and trustworthy.

As we all know in this business, the business very rarely comes to you. You have to seek it out, hustle for it, even beg family members who have known you your entire life to trust you with their most prized asset.

From the perspective of a client, would you place all of your most prized eggs in the ‘newspaper ad’ basket? The more you diversify and layer your marketing campaigns, the more you show your clients that you will exhaust all avenues to market their own property. This implicit marketing is definitely the most memorable, and incidentally, the most effective in creating referrals.

SOURCE - Blogger – Dean Serravalle, Broker of Record, Revel Realty Inc.

Dean Serravalle is the Broker of Record of Revel Realty Inc., one of the fastest growing independent brokerages in Ontario. In six short years, Revel has amassed over 200 realtors and expanded to 11 offices! Dean has also published four novels, one of which was recently shortlisted for the ReLit Award. His author website is

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