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B14 - Get Geeky while Working Remotely

Technology in Real Estate

Would you agree it is hard to imagine how we could survive in this age without technology?

This quarantine time pushed all of us even further to use the technology. It became a necessity and I believe it will never go away; it just will be implemented more in everyone’s daily life and business.

I am personally not a geek but can call myself quite techy.

I started using iPad for business as soon as the iPad came to the market. I started using e-signatures as soon as e-signing was legally allowed in Real Estate. Have to admit I never had a GPS because I didn’t want to lose the ability to remember the route. Now I can laugh and say how can you live without the iPhone or google maps.

Today I could not survive without these 6 apps and websites in my daily Real Estate world:


Authentisign – like a DocuSign,  is mostly used for e-signing. It saves my clients’ and my own time. It has many other features not only meant for signing. My 80+ year old client is using it, that’s how easy and user-friendly it is. By using it, I never miss any signature or date on a document


Dropbox – all my documents and files are saved on Dropbox. So I don’t need to worry about losing them if one day I get a virus on my computer and lose all info on a harddrive. I am using the premium plan so I can have an unlimited storage space. It is also a good platform for file synchronization, personal cloud and sharing big files. If the attachment is too big to be sent through an email, the dropbox is the the way to go.

Google docs

Google docs – very similar to dropbox, but I use it for different reasons. To edit and make remarks on copywriter’s texts, to share sharable links on MLS so visitors can easily access the information. Also, for sending big files.


GeoWarehouse – a must use website in Real Estate business. That’s where we can verify a lof of information about the property, the value, the clients. We should never take and believe everything we are told by our clients. Sometimes they don’t even know what is true about their property because when they bought it, no one verified the info for them.


Boundarywise – In the GTA area alone, 49% of properties have significant hidden boundary issues, like easements, mis-located boundaries, encroachments and title errors. We need to verify and inform our clients about it even though it may cost them losing a deal. I don’t accept the fact when the listing says – the Survey is not available. I check first with Boundarywise if it is actually available on their online database.


Canva – this one to me is like a toy but is very useful in my business! I make my own graphics for social media, advertising and for Real Estate brochures. It saves me time and money. I have created many templates I use over and over again. The 8-pages brochure is made in 10 mins and after that it goes directly to the printing company – no waiting, no approvals, no edits and again no waiting is required. Also, a good source for a free stock pictures – it has millions of images, fonts, illustrations and layouts.

Donna Bulika, BBA, MCNE*

Sales Representative

*Master Certified Negotiation Expert



28 A Hazelton Ave, Toronto Ont. M5R 2E2 Office: 416-975-5588 Direct: 416-797-6226 Email:

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