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Google Yourself

By The Buzz Conference

The Power of Web Content, Google Reviews and Contact Information on the Web is powerful. Give Consumers what they are looking for to make informed decisions.

Have you ever GOOGLED yourself lately or ever...your name, your brand, your business, your Google Reviews. Are you at least curious to see where, how and when you show up on the Web?

Take off from this page right now and visit GOOGLE. Key in your name and GOOGLE yourself. See what comes up.

Ok, what did you see? Good question, isn't it? What didn't you see might be the better question.

Search engines have evolved incredibly over the past decade, as have the results because algorithms have changed. Search results are critical to your brand and business reputation. You must ensure when someone keys in your name and/or business, good quality content should come up.

Managing your on-line reputation may be something to consider doing on a daily basis, especially in this highly competitive market & changing industry. The Web is not controlled, that is up to you.

Did you know there is a possibility that consumers are on the Web right now researching you as a possible REALTOR® to serve their future Real Estate needs?

Ways to increase your GOOGLE profiles are simple. A few key strategies to ensure are in place or used:

Blogs - a weekly Blog to create readership consistency and stay top of mind.

Testimonials - ask all your Clients to share a Testimonial & add to your Website, share Client Love.

Video - people are watching Videos, create a series of Real Estate How To Videos, the Consumer loves these!

High Content Websites - make each page unique, use meta tags, SEO, add specialized links to pages, use word-enriched tags.

Google Reviews - read, review and comment, thank your clients or share how you can do better.

Contact Information - if there is no contact information, how are they to connect with you?

Social Media - they always come up in searches, are you on any Social Media Platforms?

Time to create a content enriched branded Website to help you elevate your true brand, share your service menu and build your on-line reputation. Make Websites interactive with an easy call - to - action. Add your areas of service, City & Country, phone number and or text option, email for easy access.

Time to make the most of all your Lead Generators on Google.

Simply put.

The Buzz Conference


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