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Here's What To Do About Low Inventory in 3 Steps, #MindShare101 | Buzz Vlog Series 1, Video 2

The Buzz Conference welcome's David Greenspan, Founder & CEO of Mindshare 101 and KiTS Realtor Marketing, KiTS Keep-in Touch Systems, as our Weekly Contributor of our Blog & Vlog Series.

David will be sharing each Monday, some helpful tips, tricks and tactics to help build a profitable & sustainable Real Estate Business & mindshare. We are introducing him today to get you ready & prepared for the information to come.

All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE to receive to your INBOX each Monday at 5:00am sharp! Yes, for those who are part of the 5:00am Club, we've got you covered.

Here is VLOG #2:

Here's What To Do About Low Inventory in 3 Steps, #MindShare101.

' Stop, don't do it yet...I mean, are you ready for it, have you really thought this one through?? Everyone is wondering how to get business right. Low Inventory is causing a shortage of income for many. So many, are trying to come up with where to spend money to get more deals. But deals don't grow on trees, so how is there any logic to a knee jerk reaction?? Follow these 3 steps to save you a lot of time time and money, and help you stay focused on your big picture plan to generate business. '

Have your EarPods ready, this is going to be so good! Take a listen below and take notes & implement the steps that are right for your business.

If you would like to learn more about David Greenspan & KiTS Realtor Marketing, KiTS Keep-in-Touch-Systems & connect with David anywhere below:

The Buzz Conference

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