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How a Coach can Improve your Business

The most successful real estate professionals rely on another person.

A coach can help keep you on track, moving you forward, at a pace that works for you. A coach will hold you accountable to your commitment to yourself and your dreams.

While there are many benefits to having an accountability partner on your side; you need to know how to work best with them in order to succeed.

Here are 4 ways to be coachable, while also working best with your coaching program.


When we take the time to plan and outline our goals or vision for the next year we look into the future with a potent intention to achieve and put these goals into place.

We look to build platforms expansive enough to house the visions of our entire current and future team. As leaders we are responsible for setting the tone, vision, and pace for our success.

This is vital to build a business you actually love, that fuels a Top 1% Life you can ENJOY

Focus on your Goals

Always start off by setting or updating goals. What gets measured, gets managed, which is why it’s important to implement goal setting with your coach.

If you don’t have specific goals to be tracking, what are you holding yourself accountable for? Every successful professional sets goals.

Where do you want to be 2, 5, and 10 years from now?

What do you want to be doing?

The Ultimate Goal & Business Planning System should arm you with a clear strategy for growth, and allow you the time to be still, dream, and refocus for the year ahead.


The agents that we coach work on the idea of mastery – everyone follows the same high level client process steps, so everyone knows what it takes to be successful.

At that point, the agents approach the situations with their own personalities and interpretations, but they have been empowered with a set system to be successful.

Working with the KBCC model, you move beyond learning and memorization to become part of who you are. Systems give us the time & freedom to focus on relationships, both in business and our personal lives. Once you have strong systems and results, focus on powering up your people with training, and watch them sell more in less time!

How You Deal with Business Finances

The self-employed solopreneurs tell themselves they are making $200k when the stunningly successful business owners will assess the same business speaking a totally different language.

This new language matters.

The KBCC Economic Model™ outlines healthy budgets for expanding businesses, allowing you to see how present day financial decisions will play out long term, including supporting you with a plan if you would like to stop actively working in the business yourself.

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