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B1 - 2020 is the Year to Crush it!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

I just finished the book CRUSH IT, by Gary Vaynerchuk. I feel Gary presents his information with grit, experience  and keeps us interested to continue reading. I was highly recommended this book by a life coach. I turned to reading this book when I reached a new personal goal in my career. I hit a moment where I thought to myself..what is next for my business? I will not accept my business to level out.  I'm a REALTOR® with the brokerage Royal LePage Hodgins Realty in Melfort, Saskatchewan. I have been in this industry for 12 years and staying on top of the ever-changing industry and market techniques is key to survive. This book helped me to push myself to try new ideas and I haven't looked back since.

1. My "ah hah" moment in Gary's book was when he made the comment, as a business person, "YOU COME LAST." This was a point blank statement that gave me chills.  Let me explain..When you become self employed or start a new business, you are excited and filled with passion and drive. There are many  people who feel they should treat themselves with that brand new vehicle or the latest (and most expensive) outfits/purse/shoes to look the part, the moment they see a bit of success. But what happens when the good times end? This is the time when you begin to experience economy changes or a new competitor comes to market that is now filled with that "new business" drive you once had. How can we survive? Simple, as quoted by Gary "YOU COME LAST."

2. I have always told colleagues to invest as much earnings as you can  back into your business and put money aside for rainy days or creating new marketing platforms. If you are truly invested in the long haul of sustaining a successful business, then the financial treats need to wait!  Your clients will see your  hard work and dedication  shine through  more than any material item you own.

The core values we find attractive with people in our personal lives are, I feel, the same  values you need to have as an entrepreneur.  These values have to be natural, you can't fake your way through this. The core values, I feel, we need to have are integrity, respect and compassion (some may disagree with my choices and that's ok). If you have these values and a killer work ethic for providing quality service/product and a passion for what you do then you are well on your way!   We need to keep adapting and learning new strategies ALL. THE. TIME. whether you are in the real estate , hospitality or retail industry.

There are people who may disagree with Gary's comment of "You Come Last," but we have to remember the meaning of his comment. Gary means the non-essential treats we feel we deserve, should wait. He does not mean self-care. We live in a generation where more people have vocalized that self-care is a necessity, and it truly is. We have to take time to  go outside for fresh air, work out, reading and getting away to clear our heads. It is vital to stay healthy so we can be the best versions of ourselves in our work place. The difference is, we need to reflect on what we need and what we WANT!

It is time for me to jump into one of Gary Vaynerchuk's other books! Keep growing, stay humble and kill it in whatever your passion may be.

Joline Ozeroff Associate Broker Royal LePage Hodgins Realty p:306-752-5751  m: 306-921-4095f:306-752-5754 a:Box 3070 Melfort, SK S0E 1A0 w: e:

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