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How Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting is Shaking-up the Real Estate Industry

By Kathleen Black, CEO & Founder KBCC

You need to be a fierce CEO of your own life. We want to arm you with the power of how to build a successful business and lifestyle.

The future of Real Estate are visionaries, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Which is why Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting (KBCC) is continuing their mission to model the best, and forget the rest.

The all new KBCC coaching series is designed to get proven, predictable, results FASTER. It will include personal one-on-one AND expert coaching call access.

Team’s have been using our systems for a decade and now individuals are excelling using a systematic drive approach to their business.

We know exactly the path to help you do the same.

Our individual coaching clients will join their Relentless to Rise program.

Our mission is to work with individuals in order to enhance their clarity and confidence as fierce, self-motivated, “super-charged” leaders.

Relentless to Rise is our pursuit to super-charge those we work with into the most powerful leaders of tomorrow.

We work with you to ensure you think, act, and implement, like the CEO of your unique “Top 1% Life” as a leader, family member, & friend.

The results? A “Top 1% Life”, with your business fuelling the way to your freedom and happiness!

KBCC’s team coaching clients have TWO brand new platforms, Top 1% Life and Industry Icons.

Our team mission is to empower leaders with the clarity and confidence to build the most efficient, productive, and profitable teams in the world, housed in performance cultures.

Top 1% Life is for growing teams to give them the tools and strategic systems they’ll need to build their team to win, expand their business, increase efficiency, and more!

Top 1% is allowing you to leverage and expand, in order to earn more and do more, to have time with your familyIndustry Icons is for developed teams who need the tools and strategic systems to build to win, power-up their people and performance, use the first all-inclusive team coaching platform, and more!

Industry Icons is there to support the collective collaborations that teams require to thrive.

If you want the ultimate success and freedom you need a world-class team. Trying to find one, or building on your own is going to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not seven figures plus in time and energy loss.

Step into a business mindset. You don’t need to build your business alone. You don’t have to work harder, to work smarter.

We have the ability to collaborate and collectively rise together.

This path has been paved.

The top businesses in North America were not built from scratch. They are built from collaboration.

Building your real estate business on your own is not only an uphill battle, it’s becoming an impossible battle. Whether you have a strong brokerage or you build a team, you need a collaborative environment to grow and prosper.

SOURCE: Kathleen Black

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