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How this end-to-end process has driven top teams for over a decade

Updated: May 1, 2021

We're in an era where we realize that information is cheap. It’s free, and readily available.

But somehow, a lot of Realtors are still trying to use data as a commodity of value.

Instead, Realtors need to show up and communicate their value in a powerful way through knowledge, service, experience, expertise, and integrity.

Here is our end-to-end process that has driven top teams for over a decade.

A Sales Process

Our client’s don’t see what the result of the sales process - or the steps to get to the result - look like. If they did, they wouldn’t need the calculated value we bring to them.

When you create an end-to-end process, you are creating a repeatable result.

This result gives your business a planned approach to succeed each time you execute this process.

The Chain of Commitment

The chain of commitment is one of the most simple processes you can implement into your business.

The chain of commitment begins by using the appointment you have (current step in the sales process) to gain the next step.

Most of our time is not actually spent selling a home, it is spent by selling our potential clients on the idea of taking the next step in the sales process with us.But, if we focus on the chain of commitment, the deals will come naturally and effortlessly.

Focusing on deals when we have not put in the effort and value into moving our clients through their process is like expecting your car to keep driving without gas.

The Client Process

When it comes to the sales process, you need to have a system that matches it, every step of the way.

This will ensure you manage clients' needs and interactions in an organized and timely manner as they move through the process with you. This will give you a repeatable result, as mentioned previously.

From first booking to meeting, through market education, showings, offer and final acceptance, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your process and to have that process so internalized that you don’t need to think about what comes next, you just know.

This level of understanding will allow you to seamlessly balance multiple clients with ease.

The client process has powered the top 1 percent for over a decade, you can use this approach to scale every top producer into a team.

In 2020 COVID-19 magnified the power of client processes. Teams and top producers thrived with the ability to adapt existing steps to remote platforms, while other agents struggled to identify and use the steps that lead to deals in the future, versus only deals on the table right now.

SOURCE: Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting Inc. 905-725-6224 / Toll Free 1-844-866-5222

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