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How to Develop the Mindset Needed to Persevere Through Adversity

By Kathleen Black

One of my core principles is the idea that the battle is won before it’s fought. I have always felt that if I do the right thing, and I have the right intentions that the desired result will always follow regardless of the time it takes.

If you can see it in the future, if you do the right thing, if you have positive energy around you, it will always lead to good things.

I’ve been convinced for a long time that I’m meant to do what I am doing, that if I make the hard decisions now the payoff will be greater in the long run.

Stand on your own

Be comfortable with the idea of standing in a dark room, with nobody around you, by yourself. The people you thought were standing with you may not truly be there. My willingness to leverage myself and risk everything is the purest example of this.


From a spiritual standpoint, I believe I am meant to perform service to people in sales-based functions. I cannot afford, either spiritually or financially, to be distracted from my greater purpose. The trials and tribulations in the business along the way, I believe, serve only to remind me that I’m strong enough, and that my intentions are pure enough to overcome them, and that they existed to educate me and enrich our offering to our clients.

Plant the seeds without expectation

In the tarot world, they call it the fool’s card. Many would suggest that if anybody knew what was going to be involved in overcoming all of the obstacles that stood in the way of our current place, that only a fool would knowingly choose the path I did. I made a conscious decision that whether it took 2, 5 or 10 years, that’s where I was going. Ironically, every time I have made the commitment the results typically materialize faster than hoped.

SOURCE: Kathleen Black, Founder and CEO of KBCC

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