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How To Handle the Listing with Multiple Offers #MindShare101 | Buzz Vlog Series 1, Video 1

Welcome 5:00am Club to the Monday David Greenspan & Mindshare 101 Show!

The Buzz Conference welcome's David Greenspan, Founder & CEO of Mindshare 101 and KiTS Realtor Marketing, KiTS Keep-in-Touch Systems as our Weekly Contributor of our Blog & Vlog Series.

David will be sharing each Monday, some helpful tips, tricks and tactics to help build a profitable & sustainable Real Estate Business & mindshare. We are introducing him today to get you ready & prepared for the information to come.

All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE to receive to your INBOX each Monday at 5:00am sharp! Yes, for those who are part of the 5:00am Club, we've got you covered.

Here is his first VLOG:

How to Handle the Listing with Multiple Offers. Multiple Offers have pretty much become standard in our Industry, not to mention Offer Dates, Pre-Emptive Offers, Bully Offers, ETC...

' It's a crazy time out there in this market. Inventory is low, and the amount of work to get a deal done is at an all time high. This leads to a lot of frustration on all sides of the deal. So here's some food for thought for you so you can come out on top no matter what. '

Have your EarPods ready, this is going to be so good! Take a listen below and take notes & implement the steps that are right for your business.

If you would like to learn more about David Greenspan & KiTS Realtor Marketing, KiTS Keep-in-Touch Systems & connect with David anywhere below:

The Buzz Conference

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