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How to Take your Team from Good to Great

By Kathleen Black

A good company sells their products, makes conversions, and succeeds. A great company exceeds in selling their products, making conversions and building relationships.

A great company doesn’t stop when they’ve met their goal, they keep going, and persevering to best benefit their clients.

Based on my experience, I’m going to share the five most important things one should know in order to lead a company from Good to Great with you.


Leadership isn’t a title or position that is held to one person when you’re a part of a team or a company. In these businesses, you have many moving parts, and each one of those parts are their own leaders.

I’m grateful for our team, I have an amazing group of people who support me and there’s no way I would be able to do what I do without them.

We have a collaborative leadership team who are very entrepreneurial, and who take ownership over what needs to happen. It’s very collaborative without a director style delegation, everyone owns their portion of the business. That is how we thrive.

Have a Clear but Adaptable Vision

Know where you’re going, but allow yourself to be agile and update your plan as needed. Always let your team know in advance.

Don’t lose your power. Realize that you can’t change everything, but you can change some things. Spending this time, whether it’s two weeks or twelve months, waiting around for the market to get back to normal, for our lives to get back to normal, is not ideal.

You can’t fight what is, the world has changed, our circumstances have changed. The sooner that we accept that, the sooner we can make adjustments.

People are pivoting fast, using their adaptability skills. If you sit around and wait for change, you’re losing the momentum you can build now, and you won’t be prepared for the potential market change once this is all over.

Right now, it feels like it’s never going to end but it will, and it’s important to focus on the small things you can do to put your future self in the best position.

We all have the ability to change and develop right now. After this storm has blown through, we can have a better quality of life, we can have better client services, we can absorb this tension to persevere, but only if we choose to.

Have a Strategy

We need to have clarity on our key sources of business, how we can become more efficient, and cut through to the best use of our time and our investments, while focusing on our skillset.

During a tough market is when our skills will be forged in the fire. You will find that you’ll have people who accelerate and are much stronger in sales or service during a turbulent market because we have less opportunities and are more open to sharpening the axe.

The best leaders are not scared to set clear and straightforward expectations, even in difficult situations. They know their team is stronger when everyone is on board, and they’re not willing to have a weaker link take them out.


We believe in having an approach that works before we invest a ton of money into lead generation or marketing. If an agent were to join your team, and they were converting at the same percentages you were for a step in the client process, would you recruit them?

Would it be enough for you to invest money into that agent, if they were performing the same as you are.

This is an important awareness to have, because when you have team members come on, you want them to have the exact same eyes. These are our minimum standards and the guidelines to how you’ll be efficient.


Do I know what I’m great at, and do I know the right profiles and the right expertise that I need in the other areas of my business?

Am I always aware of the next steps for my business, and how I’m going to get there?

Who’s the next hire you’ll have and are you adjusting your systems and processes to include them in it?

Leverage is very important because if you can take some things off of your plate, it is very valuable to the business overall.


Kathleen Black, Founder & CEO KBCC

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