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Live a Top 1% Life both Professional AND Personal

BY Kathleen Black, KBCC

Those who are stunningly successful live in a different universe of business, and I want you to see the world through the lens of possibility versus frustration, obstacles, and blocks.

Cheating yourself out of your best life, trading a top 1% life for the much lower destination, only a top 1% business, is missing the mark altogether.

You have one life to explore, discover, create, and hopefully leave a legacy in service.

That’s why I wrote my book, The Top 1% Life. I don’t want to only help you change your business, I want to help change your life!

The book surrounds the idea of finally making your business independent, so you can get your life back.

I know the struggle, what you face when your life becomes swallowed up by your work.

It’s a tough situation, you know you should feel as though you’re on top of the world, but in reality, you’re wallowing because you don’t have a life outside of your business.

In my book I detail how to go from surviving to thriving, because no one wants to just survive through life, you need passion and drive in order to truly live.

What you’ll soon realize once you start reading my book, is that I draw completely on personal experiences that have occurred in my own life.

There’s no sugarcoating or beating around any bushes, you get the raw, true, depth of who I am and how I got where I am today, a dedicated mother, CEO, development coach, professional speaker, and educator.

One of the biggest takeaways you’ll discover in my new book is that:

We are powerful. We are important. We build things that matter.

When you can see a life of more time, money, and help you can rely on, when you can see, taste, and feel this new business that exists in your future, then you will act in alignment with the leader who already did it, with the exact blueprint, recipe, and values unique to your path.

You will not be in balance, but you will carve the harmony of spending your time, money, focus, and resources on the things that matter to you most.

This is important, because without realizing your power and potential, not only will your business suffer from it, you will too.

Build up your business and most importantly, your life, with The Top 1% Life.

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