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Masterclass #16 - Reach out to your Clients & Community

Reach Out to Your Clients & Community

There have always been mixed messages stating what and how we should be communicating with clients, but with COVD-19, the confusion was amplified even more. We’re always trying to build a relationship with people, that is the biggest piece of the pie when it comes to being successful in this business. This is the time to make calls, this is not about calling people and directly selling, whether they’re clients, leads or potential clients, it’s all about nurturing relationships. Reach out and Check-In with Clients Even though things feel like they’re going back to normal, your clients might still be in a negative, scarce mindset. More than ever, you need to lead your team. You are the image of who they should be modelling, and right now they’re going to look to you for guidance on how to proceed with clients and daily operations. This is the time to ensure you’re calling your clients and reaching out to see how they’re doing. Don’t email and don’t avoid their calls, it’s important to have an authentic connection with them. I sat down and spoke with David Greenspan from MindShare101, to chat with me about his view on how to not only survive, but also thrive in uncertain times. “Just picking up that phone and making conversation will really put you in a great position for when this virus does end, because people will remember you and they’ll remember you for the checking-in that you did during this tough time,” said David Greenspan. The open lines of communication are there, and it’s important to position what’s going on in the industry so people do recognize that there is a change that is occuring, but it’s not stopping you from giving them resources over email, phone or a zoom call. Listen to Clients Your clients will likely have a lot of questions and it is important to answer them to the best of your ability. “Who’s the hero in any story? The hero is selfless, not selfish. How do we help people? How are we consistent about our communication?  If there are people still coming down your pipeline, looking to buy and sell, there is no harm in engaging with these people,” David added.  You want to bring communication that shows empathy, you can’t under-communicate with your client, you want to make sure they’re hearing your perspective and you are proactive with their immediate concerns. You want to bring care and concern for the market, to bring goodwill. Be Strategic You need to be proactive in keeping your business going and still provide a high level of service to buyers and sellers during these trying times, while supporting your business and team members. Working in a business to be of service to our communities and clients is extremely important, especially right now.  You want to be strategic and give guidance to your clients and your team. You need to take this time to be proactive and put your business first, not on-hold. Let your clients know that you’re there for them and you won’t be closing your doors to wait out this storm, because you know it’s going to do more damage than good.  Right now is your time to care for the community, but also continue your business.  Stacey Green Director of Operations Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting Inc. The Most Efficient, Productive, & Profitable Sales Team Model & Network in the World Toll Free 1-844-866-5222 Home of Ultimate Team Summit & Ultimate Mastermind Events www.ItTakesA.Team Here is How We Can You Grow Your Business 1. Do You Need Help to Become More Efficient, Productive, & Profitable in Your Business Now?   Schedule a FREE Strategy Call 2. Wondering if You are on Track for Your Business Growth (or Not) ? Take our Leverage & Scale Business Evaluation to Discover Blind-spots Holding You Back!  (P.S. It's FREE & You Don't Have to Wait for a Report!) 3. Do You Want to Learn What the Most Efficient, Productive, & Profitable Top 1% Teams Are Doing Differently to Thrive? Request a FREE Future of Real Estate Report 4.  Not Quite Ready for Coaching? Willing to Take Longer to Figure Things Out Solo?  Grab Kathleen's Best Seller , "The Top 1% Life" here, & let us walk you through the "Ultimate Expansion Strategy ™" that has paved the way for thousands to expand their business to the top.

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