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Masterclass #22 - This is a Great Time to Recruit New Talent.

Top 5 Reasons That High Profile Realtors Use AGENTC for Their Recruitment

It may seem hard to believe but realtors in Ottawa and Montreal are calling us to help them with their recruitment efforts. The news has traveled through the grapevine that we are recruiting for realtors in the GTA, and that buzz has realtors in other cities clamouring for the same relief.

Why relief? Because recruitment is hard work. Anyone who has been a realtor for over ten years and has tried finding, hiring, and training assistants or buyer agents can attest to the fact that it is far more complex than posting a job and hoping the right candidate will drop into your lap.

Here are the top 5 reasons why high profile realtors leverage AGENTC for their recruiting efforts:

Time Recruitment takes a lot of time and top performing realtors don’t have a lot of that commodity! They would rather be closing deals and presenting more offers or listing presentations than screening resumes. It’s not a question of not lending importance to the recruitment process; it’s more about doing what they do best to grow their business, leaving other skilled individuals to take care of some of the work that doesn’t directly contribute to the bottom line!

Talent Finding the right candidate and the right profile is a talent in and of itself. Most realtors don’t have it. It’s not a flaw in their abilities: it’s simply not their forte! That’s where we come in. We’ve been doing this long enough to recognize talent when we see it, finding that pearl that you’ve been looking for. Our strong networks within the real estate world mean that we can find the right person, quickly.

Gaining a solid reputation for recruiting among candidates is also helpful: they seek us out to keep feelers out for a new position, whether they are actively looking or not. This gives us a wide range of possible candidates from which to choose to find your best fit. That good reputation obviously extends to realtors too: we have many solid connections with high profile realtors because we’ve taken the time to build them and the trust that a real relationship requires.

A proactive approach Using a headhunter means proactively searching for the candidate that will be the right fit instead of posting a job somewhere and praying that the candidate you need is on the market and looking for a job at that exact moment, sees the ad and calls you. That’s a lot of ‘ifs’!

Working with a focused recruitment firm like AGENTC, you can be confident in the knowledge that we won’t send you a dozen poorly vetted candidates, hoping one will appeal to you! We work with you throughout the hiring process so that in the final analysis you get a short list of possible candidates to choose from.

Intel A recruiter is able to extract more honest and candid information from a candidate than you can. That’s just a fact. The applicant can discuss different employment opportunities with a recruiter, giving the latter a chance to really see what role or placement might be a better fit. Example? A candidate who wants to become a buyer’s assistant can be honest with us and admit that, bottom line, they need a job and would be open to an assistant position. That’s not the kind of information you will get if you’re hiring them directly. Experience

At the end of the day, the number of interviews and placements we have done over the past ten years exceeds what any one realtor will ever manage on their own. That experience makes a huge difference in searching, locating and interviewing candidates to ensure the best possible fit for both them and you.

With a solid knowledge of the job requirements in any real estate office, we’re in a position to judge the skills a candidate presents with and determine if they’re going to be a good fit for your realty office.

For your next hire, trust the experts at AGENTC!


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