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Masterclass #6 - The Housing Market In 2020

Coronavirus Update: The Housing Market in 2020 by Jeff Thibodeau, Founder & CEO of Redline Properties, Brantford, Ontario.

To understand the impact of the coronavirus on the housing market in 2020 we look at the earliest available indicator in the real estate market. The data is useful for buying a home, selling a home, and investing in real estate. By tracking this key real estate market indicator during the COVID-19 crisis you will have insight into the real estate market 1-2 weeks before people tracking new real estate listings and sales. This update is specific to covid 19 and the coronavirus update.

Time Stamps:

0:00 The best real estate market statistic to track.

1:05 What is happening right now in the real estate market with Coronavirus?

1:39 How to be the smartest person in any housing market.

2:10 What is the most important statistic to track in the real estate market?

2:52 The problem with most housing market data

3:52 Understanding the housing market

Based on the information we are seeing so far from the impacts of the COVID-19 situation, we explain the following:

-When to buy real estate?

-When to sell real estate?

-When to invest in real estate?

-Is Brantford a good place to invest in real estate?

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Redline Properties Inc. is a top Brantford real estate brokerage with a unique real estate investing division. We have some of the top Realtors in Brantford, as well as show people how to start investing in real estate in Brantford, including cash flow rental properties and flipping houses. Every month we release a new Brantford real estate market update to ensure you are kept up to date with homes for sale in Brantford.

Jeff Thibodeau is the founder and co-owner of Redline - a modern real estate brokerage dedicated to improving the life of the Realtor. Jeff became a licensed Realtor in 2009 after more than a decade in the market research industry.

A successful start as a solo agent lead Jeff to grow a sales team to more than 180 ends a year, while also becoming a business performance coach, marketing consultant, and industry speaker. In 2017 Jeff Thibodeau opened the doors of Redline and the brand has quickly grown to be the largest independent brokerage in the Brantford with 45 Realtors and over 600 transactions in 2019.

Jeff’s success has come from continuous innovation in marketing, systems, and process; and a never-ending desire for personal growth. When he’s not leading a meeting, developing a strategy, or editing video behind his laptop, you can find Jeff training at the climbing gym or swinging from the cliffs on the Bruce Peninsula.

Visit Us:

Redline Properties Inc. Real Estate Brokerage

5-111 Sherwood Drive

Brantford, Ontario, Canada

34 Wellington Street

Brantford, Ontario, Canada

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