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Masterclass #10 - New Era Office Culture

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

The co-hesive organizational & architectural office culture and space redefined is upon us. We are already seeing changes.

Once this pandemic ends, there will be a huge reconfiguration

of the future office. The new office footprint will definitely be about the experiences we create within. The fact that ' law of attraction ' will now be in place to create interest from the new generation professionals to the workspace environment. We will see more offices create spaces to be inclusive, experiential and productive at the same time.

For young generational professionals, it isn't about the private cubical, the computer bullpen, the printing machine or the free coffee, which really isn't free. It's about the cultural fit, the experiences and the message the company & office represents. Basically, the new office era must clearly represent & stand for something. This will also be determined by the company voices, as they want to have a say in what matters most to them & their community. How do Brokerages and Office Managers communicate this moving forward.

Over the past 90 + days, we have brought our offices home. Therefore, our home offices are now cleverly set up with the most modern platforms & systems, with Starbucks and trendy independent cafes and co-work locations close by. There are many younger generational business professionals working out of their safe spaces. Why leave?

As we redefine the workspace, we must keep in mind, that the culture in which we work definitely shapes both our professional and personal lives. So, what does the new footprint look like post Covid-19? There will be two things that need to be analyzed & established as we move forward:

#1, How will the bottom line be served

#2 What does the new office culture of our professional space represent and how does it affect first our personal lives and then our business growth.

What changes have you seen your office create as you transition back to work? We will delve into this on June 18th and June 19th, so stay tuned as we share more.

Ticket Link in BIO above, or visit as we have started to share the Agenda & Speakers.

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