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Promoting Your Personal Brand Alongside Your Brokerage Brand

As Broker of Record at Revel Realty, I field a number of questions throughout my daily routine but none so imperative to a new realtor than “how do I start?” The question is as daunting to answer as it is philosophical to consider. How do you start your career as a real estate representative, and more specifically, how do you promote yourself in this new career path, which is contingent upon spot on marketing and name familiarity?

Many social media blogs will provide the cliché three step process to establishing your personal brand. However, in the field of real estate, you must coordinate your brand to the existing brand of the brokerage you have joined, which, in most cases, is already characterized.

So how do you use the power of your brokerage’s brand to empower your own personal brand? First and foremost, you must join a real estate brokerage that aligns with your personality. The old adage of “knowing yourself” or being “true to yourself” does apply in this scenario. If you are an aggressively ambitious go-getter, you may opt to join an independent brokerage that will allow you the latitude to stretch out and test your creative marketing talents. Conversely, if you are a quiet team player, you may pledge allegiance to an established realtor team or group that works together as the sum of its parts.

Once you determine what brokerage is aligned with your personality, character and interests, it is time to begin narrating your story within the scope of your brokerage’s story. Your brokerage will have a history and you will be joining it in full stride. Instead of melting into the history as an unknown, create a niche place for yourself by offering a speciality service. If there isn’t a particular focal point or real estate related specialty in your repertoire, then apply a real estate related interest to your story. Perhaps you are fascinated with architecture or interior design, or maybe you renovated your home recently. Any real estate related narrative can contribute to the development of your personal brand.

Finally, base your story on lasting values of work ethic, integrity, and cordial client AND colleague communication. You will work with other competing realtors outside of your brokerage, some perhaps from within, so you need to network properly so that positive associations are created upon the sight of your business card.

Personal branding is a fine balance that must be maintained and protected but also driven towards a business goal. If it is built on you and not some copied novelty or gimmick, like “ready to start the next chapter,” then you are well on your way to making your best first impression.

SOURCE - Blogger – Dean Serravalle, Broker of Record, Revel Realty Inc.

Dean Serravalle is the Broker of Record of Revel Realty Inc., one of the fastest growing independent brokerages in Ontario. In six short years, Revel has amassed over 200 realtors and expanded to 11 offices! Dean has also published four novels, one of which was recently shortlisted for the ReLit Award. His author website is

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