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Real Estate Dot Love® - Canada's Favourite Real Estate APP

Updated: May 2, 2021

Not on Dot Love? Canada's Favourite Real Estate APP!

Dot Love App for Agents.

The Dot Love App makes finding and sharing properties with your clients; delightful, staying connected; easy, and being referred; simple.

We are not a brokerage or an advertising portal. We don't have up-charge fees for posting to Social, we don't sell postal code areas, or take referrals or charge for leads. Our service supports Organized Real Estate; helping agents empower their clients by giving them tools through a single, professional agent. This client-love building tool creates healthy trust relationships and reaffirms bonds already present. Clients stay connected for life and refer their agent with every property shared from the app. The CEO of Real Estate Dot Love, Catharine MacIntosh, is a Tech Founder who, to create the the Dot Love product, did a deep dive into Organized Real Estate, becoming a licensed 'registrant' Broker, MLS & Association member in order to gain the necessary knowledge, insight, industry access necessary to speak to consumers and deeply understand agent pain points. At Real Estate Dot love we are committed to our customers; the paying agents on our platform. We do not compete with agents or give preference. Agents are offered a free 30 day trial before choosing to become a paid subscriber or revert to the free tier. Prior to January 2021, early adopter-agents enjoyed a longer than 30 day trial period, and now, out of fairness to other paying agents on the platform, all agents will need to subscribe to remain in Agent mode. Some of the offerings of the Ignite plan are free for a limited time to agents who get in early. Our business model is a monthly subscription for agents. Dot Love does not take any portion of profit from agent's for referrals or leads. We believe our focus on creating empowering tools for agents, in support of the client experience will increase our own prosperity without taking more than our monthly fee. Purposeful alignment of our interests with agents maintains the highest levels of trust and transparency. We support agents in serving their clients. Agents succeed based on merit, and cannot "pay to show up" or buy a geographic area. Clients cannot search through a list of agents on the app. Being connected to the best agent is based on invitation and connection. As agents, your level of activity and engagement and level of activity, engagement and retention of your client, base within the Real Estate Dot Love ecosystem, is what fuels your success. It's a meritocracy and future decisions will be based on the group-consciousness of paying agents in the app.

The Market at Your Fingertips:

1. Increase your efficiency 2. Expand your presence 3. Maximize your profitability

Find Any Listing Fast:

If you are walking down the street and see a listing—can you see how much it is within 1 second? Walk, or drive by any listing. Tap the "Find me" button on the Browse / Search Page, and watch the listing pop-up.

New Client Alerts:

See daily client activity. The value is priceless and the 'Client-Love' incalculable. Try agent mode at no cost for 30 days then choose to remain an agent and pay a fee or downgrade and use the app for free in client mode as long as you wish. Watch the video below .

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