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RELENTLESS TO RISE - KBCC GIVES BIG, $22,600 donation to The Denise House

Updated: May 1, 2021

Relentlessly Rise Up Against Violence.

KBCC Continues to Relentlessly Rise up Against Violence Due to the pandemic, victims can not shelter safely at home and some have been robbed of their ability to find safety in their communities.

[Oshawa, Ontario, March 19th, 2021] - Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting (KBCC) is donating proceeds from its annual Ultimate Team Summit event, and its CEO and Founder, Kathleen Black’s, pilgrimage onto the Camino de Santiago in Spain for her company's Relentless to Rise campaign. Relentless to Rise is an initiative by Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting to support services across Canada in empowering women and their families to relentlessly rise, knowing the truth that they are deserving of safety, they are worthy, and capable of cultivating a new path to a better future.

The coaching company’s campaign raised money and awareness for domestic abuse, in a time where people can not shelter safely at home, due to the pandemic, and for those who have been robbed of their ability to walk safely in their communities.

KBCC brought community awareness to the Real Estate industry by encouraging:

➔ Donations to be sent directly to their GoFundMe page for their Relentless to Rise mission.

➔ Donations to local food banks in the community in exchange for an Ultimate Team Summit ticket.

➔ Donations to local food banks in the community from brokerages in exchange for a Keynote presentation (valued at $3,750)

➔ Donations by purchasing an Ultimate Team Summit ticket, in which all proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to victim services located in Canada.

➔ Donations by sponsoring the Ultimate Team Summit event. Because of their community awareness, KBCC is proud to announce their $22,600 donation to The Denise House - Emergency Shelter for Women & Children, an organization that services the Durham Region in Ontario, Canada. The Denise House exists to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive environment to abused women and their children in Durham Region and strives to provide integrated, anti-racist, anti-oppression services to empower the diversity of all women to choose their own future.

The Denise House further exists to educate the public at large about issues resulting from the abuse, oppression and discrimination of women and their children. We believe victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault deserve the resources to live without fear, as do our communities. It is absolutely necessary to bring awareness to a certain way of life, and the services that are necessary and crucial.

We thank all of those who made a local food bank donation, brokerages who made donations, all of the Ultimate Team Summit 2020 attendees who purchased tickets, and to all of the direct monetary donations to our GoFundMe campaign.

---- Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting is the leading Team Systems and Team Development Coaching & Consulting Service in North America.

If you would like more information about this topic,

please call Kathleen Black at 905-725-6224, or email

SOURCE: Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting Inc. 905-725-6224 / Toll Free 1-844-866-5222

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