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Secret Agents and social media - How to gain social presence with purpose!

By Stacey Prieur

Secret Agents and social media -How to gain social presence with purpose!

Are you a secret agent? As in, do you predominantly service friends and family? Do you cringe at Facebook Reels, Insta Reels, and Tik Tok Videos? Do you secretly wish you could get someone else to build that content for you? Well, there’s no easy way to say this … But sadly NO, it must be you, if you’re a solo agent representing your brand, it’s gotta be you. OR if you’re a team leader… it’s gotta be you!

You are your product that you’re selling. Think of McDonalds, the Nuggets don’t “sell” McDonalds. The Big Mac does. You my friends are the Big Mac, not The Quarter Pounder, not the Fish filet… THE BIG MAC. You bring the meat!

Real Estate should essentially be called REEL Estate when it comes to Social Media Marketing!

Content is key in this industry, but how do you put something out there that makes sense?

As in dollars and cents…

The 5 Step formula is this:

1. Who are you in the Real Estate Industry?

2. What style/brand character is your Realtor Persona?

3. Where do you serve, and what’s there that you can highlight?

4. When do you do the most amount of business and least amount of business?

5. How do people currently engage with you and your business?

Each of these 5 steps is crucial when mapping out your social media content, awareness and projection.

The idea is to first identify what your position is, and where you want to be.

Then you want to be clear on what your realtor persona is, then amplify it X 10.

Next you want to build content around your farm area, the community, and collaborate.

When you identify your ebbs and flows this is how you establish frequency and Ad spending.

Whenever you put yourself out there you want two things to happen ROE and ROI.

R O E – Return on Engagement

R O I – Return on Investment

If you’re not getting engagement and no one is investing in your brand and your business then it’s not effective, you need to pivot. Otherwise, you’re essentially projecting non-essential clutter, spending time and money on things that are virtual spam.

So how do you create and ignite content that gets people involved?

Think of it as this, Return on Engagement requires Action, to inspire a Reaction. So, what is your call to Action? Return on Investment is you investing your time and money, so what Action is going to get them to give you their time and their money.

Interested in diving deeper? I’ve been working extensively with some of our Industry Icons in Ontario through KBCC, and I’ve recently just partnered with my colleague and opened my own Revel Realty Brokerage in London! Book your discovery call with Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting today.

Stacey Prieur, Master Coach, Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting

Stacey has worked with two Top 1% nationally producing teams. This is where Stacey was exposed first hand to the power of Kathleen Black Systems, their track record, and mentality for personal and professional growth. In 2020, Stacey co-managed a team and focused on recruiting, agent development, marketing and community events.

Stacey’s passion has always been following the path less taken, helping inspire others to create a road map to success, and dipping a toe into many ponds along the way just to see what kinds of ripples she can make!

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