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Simplifying Tour Scheduling With ShowingTime

Showing Time Product Update

Tours are a critical part of the home shopping and selling journey, but scheduling and managing these tours can be complicated and time consuming. At Zillow Group, we believe improving the tour process can deliver a better and more integrated experience for customers and partners alike.

Today, Zillow Group announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire, Inc., an industry leader in touring technology and a key part of the home-shopping experience. Their technology and services simplify online tour scheduling for agents, buyers and sellers.

We see benefits and opportunities with this acquisition for home shoppers on Zillow, as well as for our Zillow Premier Agent partners.

Integrating with ShowingTime

Showings are one of the most critical steps in the home shopping and selling journey. However, many tour requests are not fulfilled due to the complicated nature of scheduling.

ShowingTime’s technology enables interested buyers’ agents to schedule home tours online with the click of a button. ShowingTime coordinates schedules behind the scenes so agents can seamlessly book a confirmed home showing online and focus on their clients, instead of on coordinating a complicated process.

ShowingTime’s industry-leading technology will help increase tour volume and transactions for industry partners, including Zillow Premier Agents, many of whom are already using ShowingTime and value the ease it brings in scheduling tours. Zillow shoppers who request tours are high-intent buyers, and ShowingTime’s service enables more seamless tours for those buyers and sellers.

Investing in home touring

Over the past year, we’ve been testing an integration with ShowingTime to better understand where and how improvements to the process can be made. Removing friction and streamlining the connection between home shoppers and agents is an important step toward creating a better and more integrated home shopping experience.

ShowingTime will continue to operate as an open platform for new and existing ShowingTime users — many of whom already use other offerings from Zillow Group, such as Dotloop and Bridge Interactive — to enrich and streamline their tour scheduling.

Our commitment to you

Seamless tour scheduling helps agents focus on what they do best — converting interested buyers into clients and completing more transactions.

We know and appreciate ShowingTime’s place in the real estate ecosystem. We want to underscore Zillow Group’s commitment to ensuring that everyone — the real estate industry, current ShowingTime partners and clients, as well as Zillow’s customers and partners — can continue to benefit from an improved tour process.

ShowingTime FAQ

Why is Zillow Group acquiring ShowingTime?

Touring is one of the most important steps in the home shopping and selling journey, and ShowingTime’s technology has streamlined and dramatically improved the touring experience. They are an industry leader, and Zillow Group will continue to invest in ShowingTime and increase its engagement within the real estate industry, with current ShowingTime partners and clients as well as Zillow Group’s customers and partners.

We have been impressed with ShowingTime’s ability to simplify a cumbersome but critical part of the home shopping experience by integrating with MLSs, agents and brokers, and giving buyers’ agents an easier way to schedule showings with listing agents. The acquisition will accelerate adoption of ShowingTime’s technology as home shoppers and sellers, agents and industry partners move toward a more efficient, digital future.

How will this change the current experience of using ShowingTime?

We do not plan to make any changes to ShowingTime’s existing solutions or industry partnerships. ShowingTime will remain an open platform available to all industry participants, and we expect to grow ShowingTime’s engagement through all channels to ensure touring is easier for the industry and consumers.

How will this change the experience for agents and Zillow Premier Agents?

We do not plan to make any changes to ShowingTime’s existing solutions. ShowingTime will remain an open platform available to all industry participants.

We have been testing an integration with ShowingTime over the past year. We have firsthand experience with ShowingTime’s technology and team and the improvements and expertise they bring to the showing process. We look forward to continuing that work with ShowingTime to improve showings so agents and Zillow Premier Agents can spend less time scheduling tours and more time closing transactions.

When will I start to see the benefits of the integration?

We’ll have more to share once the transaction closes.

How much will this improve my Zillow Premier Agent connection rate?

We know that buyers who request tours are the highest-intent and therefore the closest to transacting. With ShowingTime’s industry-leading technology, Zillow can help drive increased tour volume and transactions for Zillow Premier Agents by simplifying the scheduling process and allowing agents to focus on converting interested buyers into clients.

What will happen with the existing ShowingTime integration I’ve been a part of since September?

We will continue to test and refine that technology integration to deliver a seamless booking experience through the Zillow Premier Agent app.

What will happen to my existing partnership with ShowingTime?

Nothing changes with your existing partnership with ShowingTime. The company will continue to operate as an open platform. You should continue to work with your ShowingTime support team for any ShowingTime-related needs.

If I am not currently a ShowingTime customer, will I now have the opportunity to become one?

Yes, ShowingTime will remain an open platform, with agents engaging with ShowingTime the way they always have. ShowingTime will continue to be available to new and existing partners in North America.

Will the cost of ShowingTime change?

Zillow Group does not have any plans to change pricing at this time.

For more information on Showing Time & Zillow, contact Laura Gillespie below.

LAURA GILLESPIE Director, Broker Relations M 519.841.8000 #zillowcanada


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