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Take One Extra Step to Make Sure Your Real Estate Hires Stick Around!

Updated: May 1, 2021

It may seem a step too far for many realtors but we insist on it because it works!

When we take on a new real estate client to help them with their recruiting and hiring, we have a process. This process is the same for every client and it has a proven record of success. There is one step in the process that almost every client questions the need for but we deem it to be essential to be sure that your hire is going to work out and, more importantly, stick around. What is this miracle process? It’s a paid onsite assessment.

Interviews aren’t enough

While interviews—usually more than one—are essential, they don’t give the full picture of what a person can do, what they’re about, how they think on their feet, how they respond in a crisis situation. An interview can give you the basics of the person you’re considering hiring, but as the saying goes: the devil’s in the details.

Make the final interview an assessment

Getting to see first hand how your candidate functions in the office, interacts with others, and deals with situations that come up, is an essential step in determining if they’re going to be a good fit.

It works both ways too, because while you’re interested in making sure she’s a good fit for your realty office, she is interested in making sure your office is a good fit for her! The culture of an office is a big reason why people leave jobs and the only way to truly get a sense of it is to be a part of it, even for a day.

How does it work? Your candidate will spend the day (or half day) getting paid to hang out with your team and see how things work from the inside. It’s a lot about getting to know one another so it’s vital that key members of your team be present for this assessment day.

Hiring is expensive so skip the revolving door

Whether you use the skills of a recruiting agency or go it alone, hiring is an expensive proposition and a revolving door ever more so! Finding the candidates, interviewing / testing them, training them… It all ads up in terms of time and money, so taking every possible measure to ensure that your candidate of choice is going to fit in well with your group and will herself feel comfortable there is important.

This article, from, proves our strategy works, so next time you’re in the market to hire for your office, consider adding this step to your process. It makes all the difference!


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