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THE BUZZ DIGITAL MAGAZINE, The Voice of Canadian Real Estate

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Cover & Feature Story, Kathleen Black, Founder & CEO of KBCC, Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting.

This past week, we began the Marketing Release of our new Digital Magazine -

The Buzz, The Voice of Canadian Real Estate. This is Canada’s newest, modern digital publication for the experienced and next generation REALTOR.

Congratulations to Kathleen Black who was selected to be the Cover & Feature Story of our Inaugural Issue launched today, Monday, May 17, International Real Estate Day.

Real Estate, Proptech, People, Passion

We decided it was time to introduce a modern, new Digital Publication that caters to the experienced REALTORS® but one that also includes our exciting NEXT GEN REALTOR® Community.

Inclusively, we all represent the VOICES that make up the future of our collective & collaborative Industry. By looking at our Industry through a different lens, we know we are set to shake this up with the most dynamic conversations taking place within our Canadian Real Estate industry today.

Our Core Values include the vision we hope to curate over the next 4 issues in 2021 and we want you to be a part of this experience:

Inclusivity Diversity Authenticity Transparency Relevancy

We have decided to launch The Buzz this Season with Spring Issue #1, on May 17, 2021, National Real Estate Day. This is a special day created by TRREB, Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, World's largest Real Estate Board. This day celebrates REALTORS® & Clients and the benefits of Home Ownership.

Spring is also the time of year, when the Colony of Bees begin to build up their Hive, so we felt this was so fitting!

Thank you to our Team, Bella, Eve, to our Advertisers, Storytellers, Affirmation Motivators, Contributors, Strategic Partners and more who made our inaugural issue exciting! We appreciate you all.

To be a part of Issue #2, let's connect to receive your Complimentary BuzzBuzzMedia Kit today! We want you to be a part of the future VOICES in Canadian Real Estate.

Let's connect at We look forward to your feedback and your contributions to Canadian Real Estate.

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