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The Importance of Follow Ups

By Kathleen Black, KBCC

Follow ups are people who you haven’t necessarily done business within the past. You may have met them as a new lead, or at an open house.

They’re people that you’ve spoken to, who you haven’t done business with, but have shown that at some point they’re going to be a viable opportunity.

They’ve discussed moving with you and have asked you to keep in touch with them.

How to ‘Follow Up’

In this case, you want to know if you should follow up with them and if it’s insensitive if you do right now. It’s actually more insensitive to tell someone you’re going to follow up with them, and then completely abandon the follow up conversation you had scheduled or planned.

You’ve built somewhat of a relationship with these people, while following up you need to use the right language to ensure you’re still being sensitive during this time.

We always make sure we use the Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting (KBCC) four step follow up approach.

We call people to remind them when we last spoke, what we spoke about, reminding them that they asked us to follow up with them and then ask how their plans are going.

What Communication Methods to Use

The communication methods that should be avoided when attempting to close a sale or follow up are phone calls, emails and text messages. The best communication methods are face-to-face and video calls.

When you’re face-to-face and on video calls, you can see body language and facial expressions that may lead you to believe there is some hesitation or objections.

Clear direction on who, when, and how to connect and communicate within our business and community is key. The goal is a commitment to keep our promises and serve to the best of our ability together.

With so much happening, it’s important to keep your circle informed and proactive. The open lines of communication are there, and it’s important to position what’s going on in the industry so people do recognize that there is a change that is occurring, but it’s not stopping you from giving them resources over a zoom call, if they’re unable to meet in person.


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