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The Importance of LinkedIn for Your Personal Brand

Updated: May 2, 2021

Not only do you need a LinkedIn page but it needs to look über-professional!

LinkedIn is the ultimate digital networking tool and you don’t need to be an entrepreneur to leverage the positives that it provides. All you need is a reasonably good head shot and some elegant wording.

  • When a potential employer Googles you, and rest assured that they WILL Google you, your LinkedIn page will show up near the top of the search results. So it had better be good!

  • Unless you live under a rock, you cannot avoid a digital footprint. You’ll be mentioned on your best friend’s Facebook posts, you’ll comment on someone’s Instagram feed and so on. It’s best to make sure that the image that people see is the one that you want them to see.

A LinkedIn page is like a digital curriculum vitae. In fact, I know a lot of people who use this as their CV, rather than the standard, written one. Interestingly, LinkedIn allows you to print a version of your page to PDF that gives all the pertinent information, CV style, should someone want an actual piece of paper. So there is no downside to having a LinkedIn page, unless it’s not professional looking. Obvious, right?

Steps to a Professional LinkedIn Page:

  1. Get a good quality head shot for your profile picture. You don’t have to have a paid professional shot, but the picture of you dancing on the bar in Havana isn’t the one you want to use. Put on some decent clothes and have someone take a well lit shot of you and presto, you’ve got a profile picture.

  2. Include the biographical information that is relevant to the job you are seeking. Including relevant keywords in the summary section and anywhere else you can is ideal. The fact that you have your hangliders licence is interesting but not really germane to getting hired as an assistant to a real estate agent. Keep it to the details that matter to a future employer. Specify the industries you are working in and are interested in working in.

  3. Make sure your contact information is complete including a phone number where you can be reached privately (cell is best!) Complete as much of your profile as you can.

  4. Keep your page up to date. Like a retail store website that is out of date, a LinkedIn page with virtual tumbleweeds blowing by is of no interest to anyone looking to hire.

  5. Be accurate in terms of dates for past employment and other information, as you would be on a CV, and don’t be afraid to link up with people you know in the industry. Why? Because while Fred the Realtor is looking at George the RE Photographer’s LinkedIn page, he notices that you’re connected to George with the title: “Assistant Extraordinaire”. He connects with you because, lo’ and behold, his assistant of ten years just left to move to Guam. You chat and he invites you to a coffee meeting.

Networking done right!

Even More Reasons Why Having a LinkedIn Page Makes Sense

Recruiters (including AGENTC) are using LinkedIn to find candidates. That is just about the most compelling reason to keep your page clean and up to date that I can think of. You want more?

  • You have the ability to join groups on LinkedIn and there are groups for every business interest imaginable. Find the ones related to your career of interest, join them and be active in the groups on an ongoing basis.

  • You can use LinkedIn to find the employers and recruiters that you are interested in working with, rather than waiting for them to come to you. It’s also a great way to connect with people who are in the business you want to be in so you can see their backgrounds and how they got to where they are. It can be very inspiring!

  • If you do get an interview with a specific company, use LinkedIn as part of your research so you learn more about them.

  • Keep expanding your network of connections on LinkedIn. A bigger network ranks you higher on any search conducted, and don’t be afraid to connect with people who aren’t exactly in your area of interest. A broad network, as well as a big one, helps!

Keep Your Digital Footprint Clean

If your LinkedIn page is going to rank high on searches of your name, any potential employer and their mother will be clicking on it to see more about you. The reality is that even people who eschew social media will appear online in some form or another so make sure you Google yourself to see what others will see and fix what you can that shouldn’t be out there for all to see!

Social media is here to stay and while Facebook and Instagram are fun, the hub for all things professional is LinkedIn. Not sure if your profile is up to scratch before you begin your job search? Ask a recruiter! We’ll give you some feedback and more tips to bring your digital CV on LinkedIn up to scratch!


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