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The Journey of Finding your True Self

By Kathleen Black

Are you ready to change your life?

Looking back, I realize I never mourned the woman I was, the woman I sacrificed to find myself where I am today. I do not think you consciously burn who you are all at once. I never did.

I burnt slowly. And, as I evolved, I found myself feeling crowded by the new identities I had created.

Each new incarnation was revealed to be another obsolete piece of me, another lingering relic from the past.

When you are recreating yourself, it can be difficult to identify the real you.

Your image may be obscured by a past pain handed down by your family, from some traumatic experience, or even a remaining reaction to a caustic comment that stung a little too deep, once upon a time.

Which is why I want to lend support forward to others. I wanted to share what was hardest for me to say, in the hopes it will make things easier for you.

I wanted to stand with all of you, so we never have to feel alone on our journey’s.

My wish is that this story echoes in your ears when you need it and reminds you of just how far you have come.

I hope you never feel as if you are walking alone, and that you realize just how much more you have to discover.

Stop handing your power away, with the help of my new book, Relentless to Rise: Stepping into Unapologetic, Fierce Self Leadership by Designing Your Life from the Inside Out. This is a story of my journey to define herself, and create the resources necessary to carve out a full and adventurous life.

It’s the true story of my uncompromising pursuit to find my truest self, in order to mirror and support that journey in others.

This book has been a journey to write, and now I’m excited to share this adventure with you.

In these pages, I will:

  • reveal the path that leads you from uncertainty to advantage

  • help you find your talents and strengths by reading her first-hand experience on the same path

  • show you how to unearth the gifts you are destined to share with the world

support your journey of finding your true self

  • leave you knowing that you can do this too!

You can download my ebook for FREE here.

Source: Kathleen Black

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