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The most common buyer objections agents need to know how to overcome

Updated: May 1, 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing regulations that have been put in place to stop the spread, it’s becoming harder to deal with buyer objections.

In times of crisis, clients express even more objections than they typically would, and as a result, it becomes harder for us to close deals.

In order to overcome this obstacle, you’ll need to learn how to handle these objections.

Objection handlers are what you need to exude confidence and sky-rocket your ability to articulate the true value you can offer, which in turn increases your conversion.

Objection handlers are the answers to the concerns and/or excuses for not wanting our services or not wanting to meet from your clients.

Typically these objections are actually a sign of a lack of value offered, but many agents confuse these with legitimate reasons.


More than ever, we’re going to talk to people who think that they can’t find time to meet or speak with us. Whether it’s truthful, or them over thinking their schedule, you need to offer legitimate value to them on the benefits of working with you.

Start by agreeing with the buyer and explaining that you’ve designed a program for busy people just like them.

Now more than ever, you need to have a shortened process that will offer them a simplified solution that only takes a few minutes now but will save your buyers hours and hours over the timeframe that they are looking for their next house.Then assume that the prospect has no other reason not to move ahead and offer a time to connect for the next step. “What is better for you ... days, evenings or weekends?”


If your buyer needs the approval of their spouse/other before deciding, then figure out the concerns or objections of the third-party and then address them while you still have the original buyer with you.

Set a tentative date and time that will work best for both parties, and give a call to the buyer the day before to make sure that it still works.

This will give the buyer a chance to speak to their spouse/other and this way they don’t have to call you back, you’re in control and can pick up the phone and call them.

Wasted Time

Tell the buyer that you appreciate their concern for wasting your time, but they should understand that this is your business.

Explain that you help people make quality decisions about real estate, and give them value.

Let the buyer know that you never consider helping and giving value a waste of your time. This is also the time to let them know that you have worked with people for a year or more before they found the right home.

All Objection Handles

Dealing with buyer objections is frustrating. Experienced real estate agents have answers for all buyer objections. The following, for all buyer objections, remember these three key rules.

A good objection handle will:

1. Agree and have empathy for where the potential client is coming from, then

2. Turn the objection in part or whole to a legitimate solution for the potential client to help

3. Assume that there is no other reason not to move ahead and ask when is best to meet

SOURCE: Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting Inc. 905-725-6224 / Toll Free 1-844-866-5222

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