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The Power of Influence

By The Buzz Conference

Surround yourselves with people of influence and not people of control. This has always been a great mantra for Entrepreneurs who desire to live more fulfilling lives both personally and professionally.

Influence is not about money nor position, materialism nor toys. Influence is about integrity, trust, standards, wisdom and experience. Staying focused allows you to concentrate on connecting with people who truly appreciate relationships of value and the evolution of growth.

Everyone wants to be inspired, motivated and influenced to be better people. Many are, but the question is where do they seek it? How do people use inspiration, motivation and influence to jump start and manage their day to enhance both their personal and professional lives.

There are many people who inspire others just by being their true authentic selves. Then there are those that inspire by offering more as seen on the Social Space or in surroundings and situations. There are people who also take their relationships off - line and begin the building process. This is where influence begins. It is all about the process.

The constant quotes of inspiration and motivation once said and written by people of influence are shared and recycled for others to use in their daily mantras. The Social Space is a great place to find daily inspiration and to kick start the day. However, one can get caught up in all the noise. Begin your search on Google, simply by searching inspiration, motivation and influence, see what comes up.

Or, you can simply go out and meet people, real people.

There are 3 key strategies to influence:


Be Interested. Always give others the opportunity to talk and share first. Find out what interests others and how they became to be. Being interested and paying more attention to people can be your key differentiator. Create a series of questions that will allow you to receive powerful answers that can enhance and strengthen relationships.


Be Interesting. Always be your authentic self first. Being genuine and true to your purpose allows people to resonate with your own beautiful qualities. Don't be someone you are not and always keep it simple. Know your passions and always communicate with clarity. Keep ego out of the equation.


Be Instrumental. Always be the reason for someone to smile. The reason to think and act like the impossible is possible. Be the reason someone makes better choices, better decisions and creates better opportunities for their own amazing lives whether at work or at home. This is real influence. By giving people their ' ahha moment ' to think better about themselves and act upon their opportunities offers growth in both personal development and professional advancement.

I challenge you to review your sphere of influence and categorize them in specific groups to see whom you want to continue to build better relationships with for your personal and professional growth. Your vision will become clear.

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