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The Training Challenge for Brokerage Blog #1

By Xsel

The training challenge for brokerages

Although requirements differ from province to province, Canadian real estate agents are mandated to regularly complete coursework to update their foundational knowledge in order to remain compliant and best serve their clients. This coursework commonly covers topics such as regulatory issues and updated industry best practices. Having an efficient training system in place can help agents fulfill requirements, remain compliant, and build successful careers.

Is your brokerage struggling with training and productivity because your management and training resources are scattered across your network—and in a multitude of formats? Is there noticeable apathy regarding training amongst your teams? Has onboarding new agents or offices become too time-intensive? If you lack a cohesive management and training resource, you could be risking productivity, efficiency, compliance—and more.

Transforming operations is the key

“One size fits all” doesn’t work for training a diverse—and dispersed—workforce. Having a customizable, consolidated training and learning management system can transform brokerage operations, delivering a more skilled, engaged, collaborative, and satisfied workforce, thereby increasing adoption and creating a more efficient and compliant brokerage.

Introducing Xsel

Xsel is an engaging, mobile-enabled learning platform exclusively designed by training experts especially for real estate professionals. It combines best-in-class content with proven, advanced technologies that enable agents to be more confident and productive. Xsel centralizes all brokerage training programs and services in one place, with personalized, business-aligned learning journeys that deliver measurable results. With Xsel, you can:

· Consolidate learning content into a single platform

· Build custom learning paths for agents based on experience and skill level

· Empower agents with active learning in the flow of work

· Monitor performance and training effectiveness with custom dashboards

· Track and measure critical initiatives like onboarding and compliance training

· Link performance to training and education, while our powerful AI technology recommends specific training and education for the agent

Transforming training and management

By consolidating all learning content into a single platform, Xsel makes management and training more efficient and effective. Agents learn at their own pace, within the flow of their regular work. The Xsel custom dashboard makes it easier to track progress so you can intervene if help is needed. It also provides a consistent onboarding experience that delivers results for new agents, additional locations, or franchisees. It can be tailored to align with operational strategies to help achieve business goals, and it’s also designed to track and measure compliance training without requiring a lot of manual paperwork.

Need to make training engaging and more effective?

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