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What Are Your Career Options Within the Real Estate Industry?

Updated: May 2, 2021

Options, Solutions, New Ideas to Inspire! AGENTc has you covered with opportunities & growth.

Have you been selling real estate for a while now, and it’s not quite going the way you planned? Do you feel like you’re always working but not quite hitting the marks you thought you would? At AGENTC, we totally understand this feeling and we want you to know that there are so many career options out there for you within the industry, beyond sales.

Let’s face it, the real estate industry is tough. If you feel stuck, just know that you’re not alone. We want to let you know that you have access to opportunities with your license other than just selling independently, and we are here to help develop your career path.

For some perspective, here is a look at our own team here at AGENTC

One of our founders sold real estate for two years but decided she didn’t like the 24/7 lifestyle. She loved the industry and didn’t want all her industry knowledge to go to waste. When she met her partner, and now co-founder of AGENTC, who was a recruiter, they had the idea to blend both of their professional backgrounds into one company. This is how AGENTC began and now we are the only recruitment bureau in Canada specialized in the real estate industry. If you have that sales personality and enjoy building and nurturing relationships, recruiting in real estate could be a great option for you. This is a role that we hire out for often. Teams and brokerages are always looking to add more talent and they like to have someone in-house, to bring in more agents.

Both our Office Manager and Client Care/Marketing Specialist come from backgrounds in real estate sales. They both sold for a few years and decided that the sales life was not for them either. They both transitioned to a mix of licensed assistant, real estate office management, client care and marketing roles. They were both were recruited by the founders of AGENTC to start new career paths in real estate recruitment.

All the options available for transitioning out of sales

One of the most common transitions is toward becoming a licensed assistant. This role is generally 9-5, with occasional support on evenings and weekends. This role will allow you to use all the knowledge you learned while selling and apply it to keep the business running smoothly. Other options when looking to get out of real estate sales are office manager/administrator, deals administrator, unlicensed assistant, client care management, and marketing coordinator, just to name a few. All of these positions will allow you to stay in the industry and use the skills you have learned.

But what if you don’t want to leave sales and just need some help to get you going?

If you just haven’t quite been able to make sales work for you independently, what about joining a team? Team leaders are always looking for help with taking care of their growing business and there is often opportunity to join forces with agents who are very experienced and have too much volume to keep up with. So many teams are now hiring specialized agents to service specific areas or client groups, to keep up with demand. Buyer specialized agents are often given leads to go after and focus solely on buyers. Listing agents will focus solely on handling the teams listings from start to finish. There is really so much opportunity to learn and grow if you join a team.

Another position that could work for you would be the broker/manager. This position is generally for a more experienced agent who is ready to get out of that hectic lifestyle. This position requires leadership skills to mentor and coach agents, as well as the ability to handle the business aspects of the brokerage.

Overall, there are many options out there for you if you are looking for something more and at AGENTC, we are here to help you every step of the way. We have a constant stream of clients looking to hire, and even if we don’t have what you’re looking for immediately, something will surely be coming through the pipeline. All position titles in this blog are linked to current job openings so check them out to see if one might be a fit for you. You can also visit under “Search Jobs”, to view the rest of our current opportunities. If you don’t see anything at the moment, send us your resume through our GET MATCHED listing for a completely confidential conversation. We really are here to help, and genuinely enjoy matching people to the best job for them.


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