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What powers your business? 7 components every agent needs.

Updated: May 3, 2021

Agents are a lot like computers — they need several key systems to function properly. Here are a handful of crucial components every agent needs to operate efficiently and without a hitch

Let’s dive into the optimal operating system. Just as a computer consists of hardware and software, as real estate agents, we function in a very similar way. You can apply the same principles used by your computer system to your business operations.

You are at the center and the core of the process. You are the hardware. To function, you need some great software and components. How are you currently powered? Today, I’d like to look at what kind of software and components are required to complement your operating system so that it runs efficiently.

Naturally, there is industry software — programs you install and online software we all utilize. But what are you doing in addition to this? To help you achieve more efficiency in your business, here are the seven key factors that make for an optimal operating system.

1. Support staff

This is your main driver, and you must choose your support staff carefully. Are the people around you compatible, or are they operating on a different system? If it’s the latter, then it’s time to uninstall them, and get the proper and compatible support staff. Just living with inefficiencies will eventually cause a “crash” and make your operating unit malfunction.

2. Your team or agents

Hardware (you) and software require a flawless network. A network provides resources, capabilities, lines of communication and reach into your marketplace. This network is integral in running your operating system.

3. Lead generators

This is your live feed. You must always keep these lines clear and open. This feed needs to be evaluated regularly to ensure that it’s uninterrupted and running without any downtime.

4. Internal processor

This is another important function of taking leads and immediately communicating with them. It also involves storing them into a database, filing and compartmentalizing them into correct categories, as well as scheduling contact dates and frequency of contacts.

5. Output

This is your marketing. You must constantly put out content through advertising, social media and community support so that your intake feed is full. Your intake is a direct result of your output.

Consistency is key to output. Blackout periods, holidays and breaks should not come into play here. This is where you build your brand. Automate this for uninterrupted engagement.

6. System updates

Just as your devices need regular updates, you do, too. Continuing education, webinars, seminars, podcasts, coaching and real estate literature will provide these updates to your operating system. Use them to grow.

7. Antivirus

We’ve all had clients who drain the life out of us. They slow us down, affect our performance and impact many aspects of our lives. It’s time to clean them up and get rid of the problem — because you can’t function properly when you’re infected with a virus.

Appoint someone in your life to regularly check for viruses. When they see abnormal behavior, loss of motivation or constant crashing, it’s probably a sign that it’s time for a cleanup.

Every so often, it’s important to have a business checkup — to upgrade ourselves and all the moving parts around us. We are in an ever-evolving environment which requires us to be always on and alert.

Evaluate your operating system, and apply the relevant action items so that you are operating efficiently. A proper system will have a direct correlation to your success. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”


SOURCE: Faisal Susiwala Broker of Record and Canada's Top Agent 🥇 Direct: 519-624-5555

RE/MAX TWIN CITY FAISAL SUSIWALA REALTY Independently Owned & Operated 1400 Bishop Street – Cambridge ON N1R 6W8

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