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B4 - Welcome to The Buzz 2020

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Hi! I am so happy you are here.

After celebrating 25 Years as a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Canada this 2020, wait, can I even use that term yet? I have experienced many innovative solutions, digital transformations & advancements that have changed the way we do business.

Remember when came to play in our sandbox? At the time, Realtors complained that this new on-line platform would dismantle our industry. The Consumer loved it and the Realtor did not, but we are still around in the 2020 and the Consumers are smarter than ever.

Having access to available listing data, coupled with relevant information on the on-line space began to unfold and all of a sudden, BOOM. On-line information overload began to take precedent as the newest resource to educating the Consumer. Did you know 25 years ago, our only resource to connect with potential buyers & sellers was through the use of the Bell Canada Telephone Book & the famous & always missing from the Resource Room, the Bowers Book? Door-knocking, Flyer-deliveries & Cold-calling were always our social media strategies to connect & engage in conversations to create potential clients & referral partners. The strategy to be physically present in communities was always important.

Our only way to communicate was using a telephone or fax machine and what about that pager, stuck to our hip like an exterior part of our body. New listings would come to us in the form of stapled paper documents every Friday, and we often fought to have first access. I still remember written in thick black magic marker ' DO NOT REMOVE FROM THE RESOURCE ROOM! '.

You all have no idea how easy you have it today, yet everyone still complains, mostly on Facebook. The road was not easy, but one thing remains clear, Real Estate is very different and the way we do business is dependent on the Consumer of the Future. Because, the Consumer is our real educator, our dictator and receptor. We must pay close attention to what they want and adapt to change, because, the Consumer always wins.

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