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Which Real Estate Role Fits Your DNA?


Are real estate sales or administration part of your natural DNA? That is the question! Most, if not all, candidates have struggled with this when they’re at the beginning of their career. They are trying to figure out whether they are a hunter, which is the realtor, or if they are a farmer, which is a member of the administrative team that makes things happen behind the scenes. Typically, you’ll find women gravitating towards real estate administration and you’ll find the men go into sales, though this is by no means universal!

I was just having a conversation with a realtor friend of mine the other day about his DNA and why he chooses to remain on the frontline of customer service, as opposed to putting someone else in as a buffer, while he pushes and plows ahead to grow his empire. You could see in his eyes that this was an “A-HA” moment for him. He finally realized that he needs to embrace his hunter DNA and put someone else into the role of farmer.

9 times out of 10, CEO’s will hire someone to buffer their experience with the general public, otherwise they risk ending up on T.V. like the Uber CEO who was caught in the back of a car, yelling at one of his “employees”. It’s not hard to trigger a PR nightmare and, if you do, you’ll end up losing a lot more than you thought possible.

Treading through the landscape of client care management, while at the same time growing your business, is very taxing if not completely stressful. There is so much to juggle through the course of the day and there might be times when you blow a fuse with a customer and wonder why your customer service rating went down or why your customers are not responsive.

Let’s face it: we’re all human. We’ve all done things we’ve regretted, but ultimately your business and your career is tied to your ability to grow as a person, as an owner or as an employee. You need to be in control of yourself and know your DNA in order to GROW. If you study your personality traits, and if you’re honest about them, it should be easy for you to see which route will work best for you in the long run.

Knowing yourself and your career DNA ensures that you won’t just do anything to earn a buck or because it’s super trendy. A great example is to take a look at what has happened to the real estate market recently. A bunch of people saw that the market was shifting to a seller’s market so they decided to get their OREA started, to get a piece of the pie but guess what? The market shifted again to a buyers market and now all those folks who got into it just for the money are stuck trying to figure out what their Real Estate DNA is. Are they administrative or can they actually sell to the public, beyond friends and family? The reality is that some will have a Hunters DNA and others will have a Farmers DNA. Both are equally important in the ecosystem of Real Estate, but you can only be one or the other!

So whether you’re a realtor who’s on the cusp of starting their career or someone who has found themselves as an assistant to a realtor team with or without an OREA license, it’s always best to call AGENTC to use us as guidance to navigate in the small world of Real Estate. Remember, it IS a small world after all; so whatever you do, do it in confidence and make sure NOT to burn bridges wherever you go in your career or business.


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