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Why FIERCE is Financially Fabulous for your Business

By Kathleen Black, Founder KBCC

Why FIERCE is Financially Fabulous for your Business

Fierce gets a bad rap.

Many people view fierceness in business as aggressive, domineering or controlling.

In reality, being fierce simply means embodying and owning that you, and only you, are the CEO of your life.

You either lead your life… or you don’t.

I believe in spirit. I believe in flow. I have an immense amount of faith.

I believe in doing the work that is of service to this world.

I also believe that I can do all of that, be all of that, and be fierce in my love and passion for what I am doing.

Fierce is an act of rebellion.

A way of being that commands attention.

You are a force to be reckoned with because your fierceness is really clarity and confidence in disguise.

There’s a frustrating reality of becoming fierce in who we are as an individual and in our businesses… others may try and tear us down. Confidence. Fierce clarity and confidence… it’s intimidating to those around us who don’t have that for themselves.

Keep showing up anyways.

Clarity and confidence, your fierce persona, demands that you be willing to be bigger than yourself.

Be the CEO of your own life and stand in your clarity and confidence, inspiring others to own theirs as well.

Let’s put this into a business context…

There’s a lot of ego happening in sales and service industries.

Removing the ego and replacing it with heart, however, is it’s own magic.

As Leaders, we know that the work we are doing is so much bigger than ourselves. And when it’s not about us, we can openly collaborate and partner with the right people to create the impact that best serves the project, the mission, the world.

Fierce leadership shifts from the bravado and belief that we need to have “all the answers” to collective collaboration, inclusion of diverse voices and allowing everyone on your team to shine.

By working from our hearts, we power-up people. And when you power up yourself and other people its ripple effect expands your world, their world, the world.

So whether you run your own business, work in a business or want to start a business - if you don’t own a power-up mentality - your vision, your commitment, your confidence - won’t allow you to access the fierce impact you’re looking to create.

Lead your business fiercely:

1. Create Necessity Urgency in what you create. Urgency in your growth. Make it as essential as air.

2. Lean Into Risk Push your comfort zone. Allow yourself to be in situations that break you down so you can rebuild even stronger.

3. Find your Laser Focus Become hyper-focused on the highest service you can offer to your clients.

Knowing how to work on your business isn’t the same as knowing how to

work ‘in’ your business. It’s the heart - the confidently clear heart - that allows you to fiercely lead rather than follow the crowd, taking you further, faster and longer than anyone else.

Always remember - you are the fuel of your business. If the business systems are the engine - you are the fuel.

So, if you’re not powered-up (gassed-up), you’re not going to go far. It’s all about performance. You, are a high powered-up machine when you eat well, exercise, and replenish your energy levels.

It all matters and connects. Your mind and your body are interconnected. You cannot have one without the other.

Your personal is your professional life.

We cannot truly do good for ourselves and hurt others. It’s impossible.

Live your life… fiercely. Committed to who you are, what you want to create, powering-up yourself and your team along the way!

Anarchy is what’s needed in today’s economy. The original definition of ‘anarchy’ was self-rule or self-governization.

Knowing that how you rule your individual self affects the community and the world makes you hyper-responsible to the collective.

Choosing to be fierce puts you in the driver’s seat of a collective shift in our world. Steadfast defiance to what’s right and true.

Your personal anarchy (or fierceness) changes you, your business, the world.

We want to do business with people who are fiercely honouring who they are, who their team is, and the work that we do.

Standing in your personal power makes you money.

Now is that worth being fierce for

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