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Your Network Dictates your Future Net Worth & Growth

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

By The Buzz Conference

It is a fact that the sum of the people you surround yourself with, eventually, you become. It is a fact that the quality of your clients determine the quality of your life. The quality of your network determines the quality of your business. Whether clients, REALTORS®, strategic partners, they all fuel your business in different ways.

Not getting anywhere with your current clientele or network? I have the answer. Change them up. Or, enhance them.

The situations you may put yourself into, whether disagreements, distorted truths, never ending drama, the on - line perfection, not to mention non - productive business initiatives, etc. should be enough to disconnect you from this chaotic mesh of instability and non - productivity.

Ask yourself these three questions:

#1 Do I learn & thrive from my current network?

#2 Does my network and clientele appreciate and respect me for my personal and professional contributions?

#3 Am I building my business with my current clientele and network sphere?

If you are just ' hanging - out ' on a social level to be caught up in the current of ' what's next ' you may consider a new strategy that will set the course for success.

Don't get stuck in it, untangle yourself, get out and spread your wings.

The Buzz Conference

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