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3 Life Lessons You Need To Apply Today #MindShare101

By David Greenspan

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Plans change. People say no. $hit happens.

How do you deal with that? How does it make you feel? How does it affect your mindset?

I just returned back safely from an incredible adventure riding through pouring rain and experiencing delays on some days, to sunshine and spectacular roads on other days. All in all I had the most incredible week!

So many thoughts travel through your mind when you're by yourself on 2 wheels.

I am grateful for my time away, I am grateful for my safety, I am grateful for the solitude. The road is my solace.

With all the thinking we do out there when its just us and our thoughts, watch to learn what my big takeaways were for myself... I want you to leverage them too.

David Greenspan - Your Real Estate Industry Coach

MindShare101 Inc.

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