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3 things teams can look forward to in 2022


What if I told you that you can create what you look forward to? By implementing the strategies that lie in these next three sections.

If you implement the right mindset, systems and processes, you will have these to look forward to and more.

Profitability I recently wrote an article for The Buzz Conference blog, outlining the main 5 tips for team profitability.

The biggest takeaway I hope everyone took from that article was the second section, Cost Versus Investment.

If you’re in a mindset of fear, you will want to cut absolutely every cost out of your budget, and your fear will rationalize every single part of it. Fear will tell you to build a shelter, hide in it, and make sure you stay in there until the sun comes out again.

What you need to do is get to a place where you can look at your finances and clearly see what is a cost in your business and what is an investment.

A cost is something that does not create a return in your business, is a deadweight in your business, doesn’t create any significant value for you or your clients and it is not strategic.

Investments will always be strategic, they are multipliers, they create a return for your business, whether it’s through leads, return or deals. The return could even be an investment of goodwill to support your community. The key to cutting costs and low returning investments is clarity.

In order to look forward to profitability in 2022, you’ll need to assess what a cost is and what an investment is, and ensure that you don’t cut every expense out of your budget.


Coming out of 2021, it should be easy for all of us to become more productive. We’re all used to this ‘new normal’ by now, and whether it means working from home or going into a socially distanced office, we can be productive with our teams.

Many think if you pay agents more per transaction, they will make more money. In our experience this is not true.

Agents who do less of the overall client process, profit more, which in turn makes them more productive. This means they have more time to spend with their family or do more deals.

When you expand your business beyond yourself you can deliver exponentially more value to the market, and enjoy exponential returns year after year.

The key is not how many agents you have or how much you pay per deal, the key is the efficiency of your team, systems, and people.

Creating Opportunities

We all have a simple choice, to plant and nurture seeds with our focus and determination, or to attempt to will ourselves through ceilings and obstacles. I built my own stages to house our message, network, and results. We do not need to play in broken houses, when you can build your own.

Sometimes when we’re in uncertainty, or in fear, we can be blind because all we see is the possible worst case scenarios. If we can align a team around opportunities in any difficult situation, to visualize where we’re going in the future, we’re able to move forward together with confidence.

Your team will either hit ceilings, or plant seeds, you cannot do both. If you're looking at your restrictions and the reasons why you might fail, those are not going to propel you further.

If you look at those things and create for the future, you can plant seeds and nurture them to create things that aren’t in existence yet.

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