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Increase Conversions with the Help of Powerful Systems

Updated: May 1, 2021

Are you looking for higher production, and happier clients? As Realtors, we are constantly juggling the many different areas of our businesses.

Other agents are still attempting to rely on showing requests, to show and sell in person as the means to a client sale, and they are continuously losing business because of this.

But we are ahead of the game, and expanding our market to fit buyers into homes with more time.

Unique Client Process

It’s time to look at how your client process is currently functioning, and pinpoint what people need at each stage of your sales process to improve your client experience.

If your customer experience process has changed as a result of your business moving online, make sure you have internalized that new process so you are able to confidently explain next steps to your client and are able to create a chain of commitment that will lead you into your next meeting and start you and your team on the right foot.

Just as it does not inspire confidence to deal with a team who is struggling to communicate because of their unfamiliarity with their technology, it does not inspire confidence to deal with an agent who is making recommendations for next steps that do not reflect the current market or the current socially distant means of communication.

That can come across as unpreparedness no matter how well-informed you may be on the market and the clients’ needs.

This unique client process is not optional to expand your business, it is a necessity we work with you to achieve.

Buyer Consultation Presentation

The buyer consultation is an extremely important system behind all of the top producers and top teams that KBCC supports. It’s worth billions of dollars in sales volume and multiple millions of dollars in commission annually, across our network.

It’s a crucial system for expansion, and is predictable with its results. Imagine no longer wasting your time “building the relationship” before asking for a commitment. You will still build relationships, but now you will only do it with clients – not customers.

No more wasting your gas driving customers around for showings with no idea if they will use you when they decide to buy a home.

We know we need to present the Buyer with key messages so that our most important points are clear and impactful. Our presentation is the chance to overwhelm the Buyer with value, not slightly or by a small margin, but completely overwhelm them with value.

This way when we get to the end of our presentation and we ask the question to isolate any objections, the Buyer has no reason why they would not move forward.

Listing Presentation

A listing presentation is a tool designed to deliver a high amount of educational value to a potential client, to increase confidence and certainty so that they choose to hire you.

A great listing presentation is logical, strategic and elicits a certain state of mind in a potential seller.

The goal of the listing presentation is not only to win the listing, it’s about a certain journey and experience that will create confidence and feelings to allow the seller to feel like they can trust you.

Selling a home is such a personal process tied to such a large investment, it’s crucial that your clients know they can trust you as their representative.

With the right tools and systems, your business can be more powerful and influential than ever. My KBCC Ultimate buyer consultation, listing presentation and advanced lead conversion workshops have been adapted for the current market and industry.

If you’re looking to increase your volume efficiently and you haven’t taken them yet, why haven’t you taken the step towards your goals? And if you have taken these courses, many of our top producing agents and teams are retaking them to improve and maintain their performance.

SOURCE: Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting Inc. 905-725-6224 / Toll Free 1-844-866-5222

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